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Diversity Passport

Exploring and Bridging Global Connections

Please join the Diversity Council for the third annual Diversity Expo from November 7th to November 11th.

As a tribute to this years theme, the Diversity Council is presenting a Diversity Passport to encourage participation in as many diversity-related events during Expo Week. In today's world it is crucial that our students and employees value a broadening expansion of diversity to include an international perspective and an understanding of our global community. Therefore, it is imperative to educate our students and employees by exploring and bridging global connections through the lens of the arts, careers, curriculum, social media, or technology, to name a few examples of the diverse areas which impacts our students and employees futures.

The Diversity Passport invites you to join in on a journey to exploring and bridging global connections. Experience firsthand how the variety of the events, presentations, lectures, and performances enriches our college community. Learn important insights into life lessons and foster appreciation, respect and true collaboration.

The Diversity Passport can guide you to new conversations, events, movies, learning, cultures, cuisines, crafts, experiences, and more. Take time to reflect and allow the new information to enrich your own experience and to become part of your own story.

Let the journey begin!