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Diversity Council Charges

  • To implement the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategic Plan.
  • To review diversity grant proposals, submit recommendations to the President and monitor their implementation and outcomes.
  • To support institutional programming for the enhancement of FIT’s diversity mission for faculty, students, staff and administrators.
  • To maintain comprehensive records of all on-campus activities  dedicated to promoting diversity.
  • To foster a culture of inclusion and collaboration in the FIT community to advance FIT’s diversity mission through formal and informal interactions with stakeholders and constituents both internally and externally.
  • To educate the campus community regarding the importance of equity, inclusion and diversity, including the educational benefits diversity has on students and the workplace.
  • To support faculty in incorporating diversity into the curriculum to facilitate inclusive teaching and learning practices.
  • To advise the Affirmative Action Officer on ideas, programs, policies and activities, affirming the values delineated by affirmative action legislation and goals.
  • To work with the Affirmative Action Officer to develop programs to encourage/support the professional development of employees related to diversity and affirmative action, as well as promote a bias free working and learning environment.
  • To recommend methods for assessing the diversity climate  on campus and make recommendations regarding the findings of these assessments.
  • To submit an end-of-year  report to the President  that  summarizes  the Council’s academic-year activities,  identifies areas of concern, and makes recommendations to achieve the Council’s objectives.
  • To meet and consult with the President on a regular basis.