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Educated Guessing

FIT's 2011-2012 Annual Report features students' thoughtful musings about what their lives and their industries might be like in 25 years. It also offers a colorful review of the academic yearcampus events, student achievements, new programs and more. Check out these and other highlights:
  • The Future of Fashion showcases student designs
  • President Brown and FIT team visit Japan
  • Annual gala honors industry leaders Lauder and Dillard
  • Museum at FIT exhibitions and events

Read the full annual report.
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"The future" is a notion that can stir excitement in one and fear in another. Seven FIT students were asked to ponder what their lives and industries would be like in 25 years.

In their musings, faith in technology was affirmed; anxiety that machines could replace us a generation from now was also expressed. There was a consistent hope for a sustainable future. Most reassuring, there was a fervent belief that human creativity could survive anything. Whatever happens, we'll know when we get there.


We'll always need humans for the creativity part because that's natural, that's instinctual, you're born with that.

Monike Bartley-Williams
Production Management



I don't have a Facebook page and I stay off the internet more because I would rather be self-driven through creativity. I'm always in the library, I'm always in the museum...I'm an analog guy in a digital world.

Kurtis Fox
Fashion Design


If we get to the point in the future where the big idea and the romance and the relationship that we have with the brand dies, then the industry dies.

Jeannine Buxbaum
Advertising and Marketing Communication

Reducing material is a great way to start with the sustainability effort. By reducing material you reduce weight and shipping cost and there's less material to recycle. For myself and my colleagues, the future is that. 

Andrew Chin
Packaging Design

The question of how far-reaching the influence of digital technology is going to be the retail space is the million dollar question.

Edward Bertouch
Global Fashion Management

In the future, maybe they'll be able to get a map of where they want to go and their phone will know what they purchased in the past and make suggestions on what they can purchase next.


Stacey Nathan
Global Fashion Management