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Drugs and Alcohol


If you have ever felt worried about your own or someone else's use of drugs/alcohol, take this short quiz! It's anonymous and confidential.

Signs and Symptoms of Abuse and Addiction:

While a professional assessment is necessary to accurately diagnose a substance abuse or addiction problem, your answers to the questions below can be a good preliminary indicator of whether assessment by a professional is advisable.

C - Have you ever felt the need to Cut down on your drinking/drug use?

A - Do you get Annoyed at criticism by others about your drinking/drug use?

G - Have you ever felt Guilty about your drinking/drug use or something you have done while drinking or using other drugs?

E - Eye-opener: Have you ever felt the need to get high or have a drink early in the morning?

Two positive answers provide an indication that the person may be at risk for developing a problem with alcohol or drugs. Discussing a potential problem early on can provide valuable information to an individual, especially if that person has a family history of alcoholism or other drug addiction or has other risks factors. Addressing alcohol or drug issues in the early stages of a problem is much easier than waiting until substance use has progressed further.

If you would like to talk about your answers to the above questions, please contact the Counseling Center for free, private and confidential assistance at 212 217.4260 or stop by and visit us in A212B.

Adapted from the CAGE Screening Test (Mayfield, McLeod & Hall, 1974).


Want to Try to Stop Drinking/Drug Use?
Students can always come to the Counseling Center on campus (A212B/217-4260) for help with alcohol or drugs, or for a referral for treatment outside the college. Treatment resources outside FIT can also be found through the following numbers:

1. Parallax Center - Provides outpatient treatment for a variety of substance abuse issues and takes the FIT insurance. Located @ 145 East 32 Street (between Lexington and Third Avenue) 212 779.9207.

2. For access to 24 hours assistance and treatment referrals, call 800-662-4357. If you are looking for inpatient treatment and do not have insurance, please call 800-522-5353 (NY only).

Self-help Groups

Alcoholics Anonymous www.aa.org NY AA General Service Office 212 870.3400

Narcotics Anonymous  www.na.org 212 929.6262

Al Anon (for those who have loved ones with a substance abuse issue) 212 941.0094