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RESTART FALL 2020:   See FIT’s plans and guidelines for fall campus operations, teaching, and learning.

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On-Campus Testing

COVID-19 Testing for the On-Campus Community 

In accordance with New York State and SUNY’s COVID-19 containment and response strategy, FIT has partnered with Quest Diagnostics to administer COVID-19 tests to on-campus members of the FIT community on a weekly basis. 

Mandatory testing began for students on Sept. 25; mandatory testing for employees began Oct. 2.

Who Gets Tested

On-campus members of the FIT community are defined as: students who are using studios and labs for designated work time, students living in Kaufman residence hall, graduate students attending classes on campus, and FIT employees who are conducting campus-related business.

FIT is testing students designated to be on campus for fall 2020 and faculty and staff who are scheduled to work on campus on a weekly basis.

Testing for Students

Testing is mandatory for students who regularly access campus. This student population falls into three main categories: residential, students utilizing labs/studios on campus, and graduate students taking classes at FIT for fall 2020. FIT can currently accommodate approximately 3,000 students safely with all appropriate social distancing and additional PPE measures in place; current on-campus usage by students is below 1,000.

At this time, students designated to be on campus for fall 2020 are:

  • Residential students (220 students) 
  • Students utilizing labs/studios on campus (150 students)
  • Graduate students (130 students)  

Testing for Faculty and Staff

The college administration has entered into an agreement with the United College Employees of FIT for mandatory testing of on-campus employees that began Oct. 2. On-campus employees can include Public Safety, food services, and facilities employees as well as faculty and administrative staff.

There are approximately 150 employees currently eligible for testing. Those needing to test will be contacted by email with appointment details.

Testing Processes and Procedures

The college, in partnership with Quest Diagnostics, is testing 50% of its on-campus community members (students and employees) each week; the following week the other 50% will be tested. These two groups alternate testing every other week. 

  • This is a PCR test that is self-administered by the participant by means of a nasal swab.  
  • Testing will take place weekly in the John E. Reeves Great Hall on campus.
  • Appointments are required. Details with appointment times will be sent directly to those needing to test. 

Wastewater testing will not be conducted at this time.

Testing Site

FIT is using a large-scale meeting space called the John E. Reeves Great Hall for testing, and should be accessed through its internal entrance located in the hallway between the Pomerantz and Feldman centers.

Students who are required to test are contacted by the Health Services office providing direction on appointment scheduling via the Health Services portal. Similarly, students living in Kaufman Hall will be told to report to the Great Hall to get tested via appointment scheduling and designated times. Additionally, Public Safety personnel is on hand to direct students to the testing site.

Human Resources will direct faculty/staff to the Great Hall location via email and provide necessary resources in consultation with FIT Health Services.

Isolation and Quarantine Protocol

FIT currently has a capacity of at least 250 beds for isolation of those who have tested positive. Additionally, there is a capacity of the same amount (250) for precautionary quarantine of those who have potential exposure.

In keeping with CDC guidelines as well as NYC Department of Health mandates and requirements, the college has a clear protocol as it pertains to isolation and quarantine measures involving an FIT community member who may have been exposed to or is infected by COVID-19. This protocol includes:

For Resident Students Living on Campus

  • All students living on campus live by themselves in apartments that include a bathroom.
  • Any residence hall student suspected of having COVID-19 will be placed in quarantine and will be required to remain in their apartment until test results are returned. Meal plan service is in place for food delivery to students placed in isolation.
  • Any student who has tested positive for COVID-19 is required to stay in isolation with daily monitoring by FIT Health Services.
  • Processes are in place for food delivery, trash removal services, medication, and other necessary items associated with effectively addressing COVID-19.
  • The student will be released from isolation once they are well and have been released by FIT Health Services in consultation with the local health care provider.
  • FIT currently has 15 trained personnel within the EMSS and HR areas who have been trained in contact tracing. The contact tracing protocol will go into effect immediately in consultation with the NYC Department of Health. An IT process is currently in place for the data management and contact tracing.

For Off-Campus Students

  • Students will be referred to the NYC COVID-19 Hotel Program.
  • Health Services in conjunction with the dean of students will provide necessary support and assistance to students.

FIT Health Services, within the Division of Enrollment Management and Student Success (EMSS), is responsible for the planning and logistical setup of all aspects of the testing process, specifically the test site setup, chain of custody of tests, and PPE protocols. Additionally, training of staff assisting with the intake and data collection process, as well as the administrative details involved with managing the process, flow, and communication details, will be conducted by Health Services in concert with Residential Life and Human Resources.