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RESTART FALL 2020: FIT has developed a plan for fall campus operations, teaching, and learning.   Read the details of our plans here.

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Health and Safety

Masks/Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Students, faculty, and staff are required to wear face masks while on campus, except in designated socially distanced locations.
  • In advance of the fall semester, FIT will provide two (2) reusable/washable face masks each to all employees and students who are designated to be on campus. A supply of disposable masks will be available for employees, students, and visitors who may arrive on campus without a mask.

Screening, Testing, Reporting, Tracing

  • The mobile app CampusClear will be used for self-monitoring and will provide daily screening tasks for employees and students. It will also include procedures for what to do if exposed, testing is needed, and protocols for accessing campus.
  • Health Services has established a partnership with Northwell Health to provide testing for the FIT community.
  • HR has an online reporting system in place for reporting and tracking exposure and confirmed cases. 

Social Distancing

Social distancing will be enforced in all campus buildings through new protocols that include physical spacing as well as scheduling changes. See details on the Campus and Facilities pages.


All campus buildings are currently cleaned on a daily basis, to meet public health protocols. See more details under Cleaning and Maintenance.

Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizer units will be in every building lobby and in one location on each floor of every building. Hand washing will be encouraged through signage, as it is more effective than the use of hand sanitizers.


Visit our Prevention page for best practices to protect yourself and others from the virus. 

If You Experience COVID-19 Symptoms on Campus

It is important that we promptly identify and isolate you if you are experiencing symptoms that may be COVID-19 related. 

Find out the steps you should take here.


For Employees

Employees should submit these forms for consultation with HR regarding alternatives for continued remote work or other accommodation. More details can be found here.

For Students

Students experiencing challenging issues that prevent them from returning to campus, including health and mental health conditions, vulnerable family members who may be affected because of living arrangements, and other issues that they self-report, can contact the Dean of Students for assistance with appropriate referrals for accommodative services. 

FIT-ABLE will make sure deaf and hard of hearing students are properly accommodated for the learning environment.

Visit Health Services

Health Services professionals are available online for live chat. Log in at the health portal with your FIT username and password, click Chat, then New Chat.


Visit Counseling Services

Counseling Services has temporarily suspended in-person counseling sessions, but it is operating remotely and conducting sessions as needed via phone and video.

Visit Human Resources

Employees can contact Human Resources for work and benefit information.