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RESTART FALL 2020: FIT has developed a plan for fall campus operations, teaching, and learning.   Read the details of our plans here.

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Campus and Facilities

What to Expect on Campus

Managing Entry to Facilities: All persons entering FIT facilities must wear a mask/face covering. Building codes require all doors to be available for exit, so doors cannot be designated as “entrance only.” During normal (non-emergency) operations, Public Safety will encourage slowed building entry and exit to increase distances between those entering the buildings; however, 6 feet may not be realistic depending on the overall campus occupancy; therefore enforcement of masks is important. Signage will be used to encourage students, faculty, and staff to self-monitor the pace of entry/exit and traffic flow patterns.

Hallway Traffic: Occupants will be encouraged to walk on the right side of hallways. Signage will be used to encourage behavior modification, and hallway dividers can be considered, if problems occur.

Elevators/Escalators: Occupants will be encouraged to limit elevator occupancy to ensure appropriate social distancing and to limit escalator density to one person every three treads; signage will be helpful. Faculty, staff, and students will be encouraged to use the stairs.

Enforcement: Public Safety will enforce the requirement for wearing face masks. A supply of face masks will be available for first-time violators of the State’s Executive Order. Second-time violators will be turned away. Public Safety will remind students, faculty, and staff to socially distance, but will not chastise or criticize non-conformists. 

Cleaning and Maintenance: The college has implemented a wide range of protocols to clean and maintain all areas of the campus. Read the details here.

Social Distancing Planning

Classrooms, Labs, and Studios

To comply with 6-feet social distancing, the Office of Space Planning calculated the capacity for every classroom, lab, and studio. The data will drive class size and occupancy decisions for every section.

View detailed social distance space planning document (.PDF) showing the square footage and dimensions of all relevant spaces.

Offices and Workplaces 

Space Planning has square footage, staff assignments, and configurations for most offices. Occupancy will be calculated and if more space is needed for distancing, staggered attendance will be scheduled.

Facilities Management is sourcing clear plexiglass panels for possible installation in offices with a large number of visitors and will follow recommendations from Environmental Health and Safety staff.

Public Spaces

Space Planning is calculating a COVID-19 occupancy standard for public spaces and occupancy levels will be enforced by removing furniture and/or limiting the number of people.