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Registration Preparation

Follow these instructions to avoid any obstacles in preparation for registration.

Step 1: Run your DARS (Degree Audit) online
Your DARS provides up-to-date details such as transfer credits, waivers, substitutions, and grade changes. Only this document should be used in determining the classes you need for degree completion.  Do not rely solely upon the FIT college website or the departmental checklist to make registration choices. Only the DARS is personalized for you and reflects your individual situation.

Set up an appointment with your advisor and remember to bring a printed copy of your most recent DARS to all advisement meetings.

Step 2:
View the master list of upcoming semester course offerings.
Select the Semester/year. The column labeled RESTRICTIONS indicates who is able to enroll in that specific section. If your major code is 7820, only you may enroll in courses with a 7820 restriction. Any student can enroll in a section with no restrictions, provided they have met the pre- or co-requisite criteria. (These courses are typically offered through Liberal Arts or may be your Related Area courses.)

Major Codes
7510     Fashion Design AAS
7620     Communication Design AAS
7820     Fashion Merchandising Management 2 year AAS
7821     Fashion Merchandising Management 1 year AAS
7830     Advertising and Marketing Communication 2 year AAS
7831     Advertising and Marketing Communication 1 year AAS
9500     Graphic Design BFA
9540     Illustration BFA
9810     Fashion Merchandising Management BS
9830     Advertising and Marketing Communications BS
9840     International Trade and Marketing BS

Step 3: Plan.
Prior to notification of your Time Ticket Invitation you should meet with your departmental advisor for course recommendations, resolve any holds on your account that may prevent you from gaining registration access, such as unpaid bills, library holds, etc.. and prepare your finances so payments can be made in a timely fashion and de-registration wont be an issue.

Step 4: Keep an eye out for your time ticket invitation!
During the middle of your current semester, you will receive your TIME TICKET INVITATION to register through your FIT email account. This tells you when registration begins for YOU. Plan to register on or shortly following this date so you get all of the classes you need. Please be advised that Registration for evening and weekend classes open to the public, which means all non-restricted evening and weekend sections are available to anyone, so you may get closed-out of sections if you don't act quickly.

Step 5: Double Check your DARS.
When you have completed your registration, print a newly updated copy of your DARS! Make sure all of the courses you've enrolled in apply to your degree requirements, as per the report. Resolve any course conflicts before courses begin.


If you believe your DARS is incorrect, contact the Registrars Office at 212 217.3820.

If you encounter technical issues, don't know who to speak to, or cannot locate an office on campus for assistance, simply contact our office at 212 217.4634 or e-mail: