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Experience the Major

Are you thinking about applying to a degree program at FIT but missed the application period? Do you need to develop skills to create a portfolio before applying to FIT? Do you want to sample courses before committing to a degree program? If so, you can take courses through Continuing Education in non-degree status that will apply to the degree once you are accepted. Below is a list of the courses each department suggests you enroll in to experience a major before you decide to apply, or tow assist you with skills that will help you develop your portfolios.

Associates Programs:

Fashion Design AAS FD 131 Sewing Techniques I 1.5 credits
  FF 111 Fashion Art and Design I 2 credits
Communication Design AAS CD 122 Digital Layout 1** (will not apply to the major) 2 credits
  CD 261 Portfolio Development** 1.5 credits
Advertising and Marketing Communications AAS AC 111 Advertising and Promotion 3 credits
(one- and two-year programs) CD 122 Digital Layout I 2 credits
  FM 114 Introduction to the Fashion Industry 3 credits
Fashion Business Management AAS FM114 Introduction to the Fashion Industry 3 credits
(one- and two-year programs) AC 111 Advertising and Promotion 3 credits
  MG 153 Excel for Business 2 credits
  FM 116: Fashion Business Practices 3 credits


Bachelors Programs:

Graphic Design BFA See Communication Design Course Offerings  
Illustration BFA Contact the Illustration department for details: 212 217.5800
Advertising and Marketing Communications BS AC 361 Computer Applications for Marketing Communications* 2 credits
  AC 362 Broadcast Workshop* 3 credits
  AC 222 Sales Promotion* 3 credits
Fashion Business Management BS FM 321 Workshop in Apparel Merchandising* 3 credits
  FM 324 Business of Licensing 3 credits
  MG 306 Info. Systems: Case Analysis* 2 credits
International Trade and Marketing for the Fashion Industries, BS IN 312 International Trade 3 credits
  IN 313 International Business Transactions 3 credits

*Some courses have pre-requisites that must be successfully completed prior to registration. See specific course descriptions for details. Not all courses may be available during the current semester. Visit the Continuing Education course page each term to see if the classes are available.

** Not part of the required curriculum for the degree program; however credits may be used towards general elective requirements. Suggested to assist potential application with portfolio development.