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Business Careers

Courses of Study

Career Possibilities 

Advertising and Marketing Communications           Copywriter, Public Relations Director, Event Planner, Marketer, Journalist 
Art History and Museum Professions Collection Manager, Museum Fundraiser, Auction House Publications Manager
Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing Marketing Manager, Product Developer, Brand Manager, Fragrance Evaluator
Direct and Interactive Marketing          Market Researcher, Advertising Copywriter
Fashion Business Management  Retail Manager, Buyer, Product Developer, Sales Representative
Home Products Development Product Manager, Buyer, Merchandiser, Showroom or Store Manager
International Trade and Marketing for the Fashion Industries International Buyer, Importer/Exporter, International Sales/Marketing Manager, Logistics Specialist/Manager, Customs Brokerage Manager, International Production Coordinator, International Licensing Specialist/Director, Sustainability Specialist/Manager, Environmental and Social Compliance Inspector
Production Management:  Fashion and Related Industries Apparel Production Coordinator, Production Engineer, Manufacturing Director, Operation Manager
Textile Development and Marketing Textile Merchandiser, Fabric Developer, Fiber Manufacturing Manager, Fabric Specialist