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Photography and Related Media BFA


Deadline: February 1 - SlideRoom Fee (USD): $10

Thank you for applying to the Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) in Photography and Related Media. As part of your application to the BFA, you are required to submit a portfolio.

Before submitting your portfolio, please review eligibility for the BFA program. Students not eligible for the BFA must apply to the AAS, which has different portfolio instructions.

To be eligible for the BFA, you MUST have an AAS degree in Photography or 60 credits towards a BFA in Photography.

Our evaluation of your work will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Technical skills
    Reviewers are looking at exposure, focus, and post-processing. If you are shooting film, please be careful about how you present your images. Prints shouldn’t show dust marks or stains and should be properly digitized.
  2. Aesthetic sense
    Reviewers are looking at composition, lighting, and creativity.
  3. Persistance and Curiosity
    Show how you look for unique subject matter and photograph it in a unique way. Use the power of photography to transform the world around you. Make images that demonstrate that you’re looking at great photography.

Please submit a short essay and a portfolio of 20 to 25 images or videos.


Photography and Related Media BFA Essay

Please respond thoughtfully and note that your answer does not replace the essay that you are
required to submit as part of your FIT/SUNY application.

  1. In a maximum of 500 words, please describe your working process and influences. Spelling and grammar counts!


  • Your portfolio should include 20 to 25 images. If you have made photo essays or longer series of work, we would like to see the entire projects. If you have videos, you may upload them. Each video will count as one image.
  • Construct your portfolio so we can see where you are as a creative artist. Present the imagery that’s most important to you.
  • If you’re applying to the BFA program, you should have been studying photography for at least two years at a college level. We expect to see projects, not just individual images made for specific assignments.
  • We are looking for creativity, willingness to experiment, technical competency, attention to detail, and a sustained commitment to the medium of photography.

Provide 20-25 items. Images (up to 5MB each) and Video (up to 250MB each)