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Fabric Styling BFA


Deadline: February 1 - SlideRoom Fee (USD): $10

Stylists are a vital link connecting concept, design, presentation, and finished product. They not only define trends but visually edit concepts. The BFA program explores trend research, design concepts, aspects of product design, and the preparation of presentation boards.

Eligible applicants must have completed coursework in the area of art/design prior to applying to the Fabric Styling BFA. Please review the full list of required courses on the Fabric Styling eligibility web site.

You will submit 10 to 14 images.


portfolio (10-14 images)

Fabric Styling applicants must submit images of two presentation boards. Submit one apparel board and one home furnishings board, OR submit two boards from one of these areas.


  • Boards should be executed on black illustration board or black foam core board.
  • Select a season and a theme for each board. 
  • Each board should have at least six (6) patterned fabric swatches and at least six (6) more solid color swatches. (12 swatches minimum) 
  • The solid color swatches can be paint chip samples from any paint store. 
  • Boards should have photos, pictures from magazines, or your own art work illustrating the theme.

An example of a possible board could include:

  • floral spring apparel theme
  • 6 floral fabric swatches 
  • 6 solid color chips that pick up the colors in the fabric swatches 
  • a selection of pictures relating to the theme of the fabrics 
  • mount these components imaginatively and neatly

Submit one image showing a complete view of each board.

Submit 4 to 6 images showing close-up views of each board.

You will submit a total of 10 to 14 images for this project.

Provide 10-14 items. Images (up to 5MB each) and PDFs (up to 10MB each)