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Standard 5: Administration

The institution's administrative structure and services facilitate learning and research/scholarship, foster quality improvement, and support the institutions organization and governance.

Fundamental Elements of Administration

An accredited institution is expected to possess or demonstrate the following attributes or activities: 

  • a chief executive whose primary responsibility is to lead the institution toward the achievement of its goals and with responsibility for administration of the institution;
  • a chief executive with the combination of academic background, professional training, and/or other qualities appropriate to an institution of higher education and the institution's mission;
  • administrative leaders with appropriate skills, degrees, and training to carry out their responsibilities and functions;
  • qualified staffing appropriate to the goals, type, size, and complexity of the institution;
  • adequate information and decision-making systems to support the work of administrative leaders;
  • clear documentation of the lines of organization and authority; and
  • periodic assessment of the effectiveness of administrative structures and services.