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Standard 12: General Education

The institutions curricula are designed so that students acquire and demonstrate college-level proficiency in general education and essential skills, including at least oral and written communication, scientific and quantitative reasoning, critical analysis and reasoning, and technological competency.

Fundamental Elements of General Education

An accredited institution offering undergraduate degrees and some graduate institutions are expected to possess or demonstrate the following attributes or activities: 

  • a program of general education of sufficient scope to enhance students intellectual growth, and equivalent to at least 15 semester hours for associate degree programs and 30 semester hours for baccalaureate programs; (An institution also may demonstrate how an alternative approach fulfills the intent of this fundamental element.)
  • a program of general education where the skills and abilities developed in general education are applied in the major or concentration;
  • consistent with institutional mission, a program of general education that incorporates study of values, ethics, and diverse perspectives;
  • institutional requirements assuring that, upon degree completion, students are proficient in oral and written communication, scientific and quantitative reasoning, and technological competency appropriate to the discipline;
  • general education requirements clearly and accurately described in official publications of the institution; and
  • assessment of general education outcomes within the institutions overall plan for assessing student learning, and evidence that such assessment results are utilized for curricular improvement.