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Standard 10: Faculty

The institutions instructional, research, and service programs are devised, developed, monitored, and supported by qualified professionals.

Fundamental Elements of Faculty

An accredited institution is expected to possess or demonstrate the following attributes or activities: 

  • faculty and other professionals appropriately prepared and qualified for the positions they hold, with roles and responsibilities clearly defined, and sufficiently numerous to fulfill those roles appropriately;
  • educational curricula designed, maintained, and updated by faculty and other professionals who are academically prepared and qualified;
  • faculty and other professionals, including teaching assistants, who demonstrate excellence in teaching and other activities, and who demonstrate continued professional growth;
  • appropriate institutional support for the advancement and development of faculty, including teaching, research, scholarship, and service;
  • recognition of appropriate linkages among scholarship, teaching, student learning, research, and service;
  • published and implemented standards and procedures for all faculty and other professionals, for actions such as appointment, promotion, tenure, grievance, discipline and dismissal, based on principles of fairness with due regard for the rights of all persons;
  • carefully articulated, equitable, and implemented procedures and criteria for reviewing all individuals who have responsibility for the educational program of the institution;
  • criteria for the appointment, supervision, and review of teaching effectiveness for part-time, adjunct, and other faculty consistent with those for full-time faculty;
  • adherence to principles of academic freedom, within the context of institutional mission; and
  • assessment of policies and procedures to ensure the use of qualified professionals to support the institutions programs.