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Standard 1: Mission and Goals

The institutions mission clearly defines its purpose within the context of higher education and indicates who the institution serves and what it intends to accomplish. The institutions stated goals, consistent with the aspirations and expectations of higher education clearly specify how the institution will fulfill its mission. The mission and goals are developed and recognized by the institution with the participation of its members and its governing body and are used to develop and shape its programs and practices and to evaluate its effectiveness.

Fundamental Elements of Mission and Goals

An accredited institution is expected to possess or demonstrate the following attributes or activities: 

  • clearly defined mission and goals that:
    • guide faculty, administration, staff and governing bodies in making decisions related to planning, resource allocation, program and curriculum development, and definition of program outcomes;
    • include support of scholarly and creative activity, at levels and of the kinds appropriate to the institutions purposes and character;
    • are developed through collaborative participation by those who facilitate or are otherwise responsible for institutional improvement and developments;
    • are periodically evaluated and formally approved;
    • are publicized and widely known by the institutions members;
  • mission and goals that relate to external as well as internal contexts and constituencies;
  • institutional goals that are consistent with mission; and goals that focus on student learning, other outcomes, and institutional improvement.