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FIT 2012 Self-Study

FIT chose a comprehensive model for the self-study which enabled the college to appraise every aspect of its programs and services, governing and supporting structures, resources, and educational outcomes in relation to our mission and goals.

A draft of the self-study document was made available to the FIT community in mid-October and two public hearings were held on October 25. Comments and feedback were integrated into a new version which was sent to the chair of the Middle States evaluation team who visited FIT on December 5. A final draft was produced in January of 2012 and shared with the FIT community. The evaluation team visited the FIT campus April 15 - 18, 2012.

2012 Self-Study Report (.pdf) 
Executive Summary (.pdf) 
Middle States Team Final Report (.pdf) 
FIT's Response to Middle States Team Final Report (.pdf)