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Self-Study Design

FIT has chosen a comprehensive model for the self study which will enable the college to appraise every aspect of its programs and services, governing and supporting structures, resources, and educational outcomes in relation to our mission and goals. It provides a framework for demonstrating FIT's compliance with Middle State's 14 Standards of Excellence. The Self-Study Design is FIT's plan for conducting its multi-year self study.

The eight working groups formed by the Steering Committee aligned with this model. Liaisons from the Steering Committee were assigned to lead each working group with each working group addressing specific standards of excellence. In addition, another six to eight members of the college community were identified and invited by the President to serve.

The charge of the working groups was to identify critical issues for the institution and to propose possible courses of action that might lead to improvements.  Their review addresses the questions posed by the Steering Committee and explains how their findings relate to the Commissions standards.

Complete 2012 Self-Study Design (.pdf)