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Career and Internship Center

The CIC: A Valuable Resource for Students, Alumni, and Industry

At the Career and Internship Center (CIC), a team of experienced counselors, along with knowledgeable and friendly support staff, offer a range of services that help students and alumni compete effectively in today's global marketplace, match students and graduates with jobs and internships that suit their interests, abilities, and goals, and bring employers together with prospective employees.

CIC counselors with expertise in industry and the rapidly changing job market not only help in finding the right job or internship, they provide career-planning skills needed throughout life. Whether its a first job, professional advancement, or a new career direction, the CIC offers information, counseling, and other services to help ensure success.


Whether you're about to graduate, just beginning your FIT education, or anywhere in between, the CIC can help you plan your future, with:


Since career planning is a lifelong process, the CIC offers: 


Employers benefit from their relationship with the CIC through: 

  • on-campus recruitment events 
  • job and internship fairs 
  • company information sessions 
  • access to a pool of well prepared interns and/or highly qualified potential employees

When you're ready to plan your future, come see us!