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Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs


The Division of Academic Affairs provides the leadership to support and facilitate the work of the faculty and staff in their efforts to assist the college in achieving its mission of preparing students for professional excellence in design and business through rigorous and adaptable academic programs, experiential learning, and innovative partnerships. Working in concert with other administrative units throughout the college, the division seeks to foster an environment in which collaboration and teamwork are highly valued between and among the academic schools, the Center for Continuing and Professional Studies, the offices of International Education, Online Learning and Academic Technology, Faculty Services, the Center for Excellence in Teaching, Internship Studies, Institutional Research & Effectiveness, and Academic Student Support Services.


Dr. Giacomo (Jack) Oliva, VP for Academic Affairs
giacomo_oliva@fitnyc.edu, Ext. 7-4040 

Sidney A. Grimes, Jr., Associate VP for Academic Affairs Operations
sidney_grimes@fitnyc.edu, Ext. 7-4049

Dr. Yasemin Jones, Associate VP for Academic Affairs
yasemin_jones@fitnyc.edu, Ext. 7-4052  

Fegan Carter, Office Assistant
fegan_carter@fitnyc.edu, Ext. 7-4044

Gwendolyn Ferguson-PughExecutive Director for Academic Affairs Personnel Administration
gwen_fergusonpugh@fitnyc.edu, Ext. 7-4046

Deborah Klesenski-Rispoli, Assistant Dean of Curriculum
deborah_klesenski@fitnyc.edu, Ext. 7-4045

Alex Nazarov, Coordinator of Student Contests & Industry Sponsored Projects
contests@fitnyc.edu, Ext. 7-4051

Cinthia Policard, Administrative Coordinator
cinthia_policard@fitnyc.edu, Ext. 7-4053

Linda Rivera, Executive Coordinator to the VPAA
linda_rivera@fitnyc.edu, Ext. 7-4047

Christina Solomon, Operations and Planning Manager 
christina_solomon@fitnyc.edu, Ext. 7-4048

Johanna Wilson, Executive Coordinator for Curriculum 
johanna_wilson@fitnyc.edu, Ext. 7-4054