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CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19): Classes and employee work have been moved to online and remote environments.   Read more details at fitnyc.edu/coronavirus

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Remote Teaching and Academic Support

The Office of Academic Affairs is committed to providing continuous academic support to students and pedagogical assistance to faculty as the College moves to remote instruction.

The Office of Online Learning and Academic Technologies, the Center for Excellence in Teaching, and the Division of Information Technology provide training and resources to assist faculty in teaching remotely. See the links below for information. Additional workshops on a variety of topics will be offered later in the semester.

Teaching Remotely via Blackboard and Other Tools

Schedule for Weekly Training Sessions

Toolkit for Working Remotely

Gladys Marcus Library Faculty Services

SUNY System Support

SUNY Online Resources for Remote Learning

SUNY Online Virtual Drop-in Course Support Sessions

Academic Student Support Areas and the Library are open and are available remotely to provide assistance and support to students throughout the semester.

Academic Advisement Center 
Advisement is available online.

Academic Skills Tutoring Center
Tutoring is available online; appointments should be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance. 

Career and Internship Center
Career and internship advisement is available online. 

Career and Internship Services
FIT's On-site Internships Ended on March 23, 2020. As of March 23, 2020, in accordance with Governor Cuomo's, stay-at-home executive order, FIT onsite credit-bearing internships ended. If an internship sponsor and student agree to continue the credit-bearing internship remotely, FIT will support such decisionsFor students to receive credit for Spring 2020 internships, internship students must continue and successfully complete the online internship course. For additional information, contact: [email protected]

Gladys Marcus Library  
Librarian services and library resources are available online. Librarians can provide assistance by chat, text, email or phone. Information about online materials and services are available on the Library’s website.  

Writing and Speaking Studio 
Consultations are available online.

Academic Honor Code
As a reminder, FIT's Academic Honor Code continues to be in force. Students who copy another person's idea or written work and claim it as original are in violation of FIT’s policy on academic integrity. 

Adjusted Grading Policy  
FIT has adopted an adjusted grading policy for spring 2020.  This provides students with options for how a grade is noted on their transcript during this challenging semester. While courses will be graded according to the grading mode originally set up, students will have the option of selecting an "S" grade to appear on the transcript instead of an A–D letter grade.  Students will need to choose this option between May 26 and June 10.  Prior to finalizing a requested grade change, the Director of Registration and Records and the Director of Financial Aid will review the change to ensure there are no negative impacts on Financial Aid, F-1 visits, athletic status, or other issues, and will contact students for discussion if there is a potential issue.  For full details, see Adjusted Grading Policy

Withdrawal Policy
The last day to officially withdraw from a course is up until the last day of the 13th week of a fall or spring semester. The student will receive a final grade of WD for a course withdrawal completed in this time frame. WD grades do not affect GPA. To officially withdraw from a course, students must submit a Course Withdrawal Form, completed and signed by them and their instructor, and e-mailed to the Registrar's Office.

Technical Support

Blackboard is FIT's learning management system for all online and face-to-face taught courses. The Open SUNY Help Desk provides students help with questions or issues using Blackboard. Call (800) 875-6269 or visit the Blackboard Help Page.

Information Technology at FIT 
If you should encounter problems with login, contact the FIT Help Desk at (212) 217-HELP or [email protected] and visit their web pages for important notifications. To open a ticket, please visit IT Self-Service Portal

PrintFX, FabLab & Tech Support
Students are invited to "drop in" and ask staff members questions regarding: 3D Modeling, Laser Cutting, Photography, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, Google Docs, MS Office or General PrintFX or Technology questions. To access, log into your FIT email account during any session and send the PrintFX team a chat message. (Please note you must only use your FIT email address for chat messages).

FIT's On-site Internships Ended on March 23, 2020 
As of March 23, 2020, in accordance with Governor Cuomo's, stay-at-home executive order, FIT onsite credit-bearing internships ended. If an internship sponsor and student agree to continue the credit-bearing internship remotely, FIT will support such decisions. For students to receive credit for Spring 2020 internships, internship students must continue and successfully complete the online internship course. For additional information, contact: [email protected] fitnyc.edu.

SUNY System Support

SUNY Student Resources for Remote Learning

SUNY Student Resources for Mental Health, Nutrition and Technology

SUNY Drop-in Student Support Sessions

SUNY Resources for Active Military and Veteran Students

Are classes canceled?

Classes at FIT have not been canceled. All classes are transitioning to remote instruction, to begin on March 23, 2020.

What about spring break?

Spring break will take place as scheduled, from April 6–10. No virtual classes will be scheduled that week.

Student Questions

What student services are available at this time?

There are many remote services to help support you in your academics, such as advising, tutoring, and more. For other student services, please click on the Support for Students tab above.

I am concerned about keeping up my grades at this stressful time.  Do I have to take my classes for grades?

Your instructors will grade your classes as usual, but FIT has adopted an adjusted grading policy to offer you flexibility about how your grades are noted on your transcript. During May 26–June 10, you will be able to request a change in the the notation on your transcript from A–D letter grade to an "S" grade. This request for a change will be reviewed to ensure there are no negative impacts on financial aid, F-1 visas, and other areas; students will be contacted if there is a potential issue. Please see the policy for further details.

Faculty Questions

I offer my class in person! How should I move it online?

Remote instruction means that faculty and students are not meeting in person at the same place and time. There are many different ways to teach in person; there are also a variety of options for teaching remotely.

Faculty members remain in charge of instructional decisions, and your particular solutions will depend upon the educational goals of your class. Technological tools enable you to continue lecturing, allow for interactions with and between students, and provide options for completing and submitting assignments. You will have to determine the exact balance.

You may provide some instruction in “real time” (synchronous), but you may also pre-record video instruction or voiceovers on Powerpoint. Likewise, students may interact in real time in a synchronous class over a tool like Blackboard Collaborate, or interact asynchronously (at different times) through Blackboard message boards or other tools.

While you may have to make some adjustments, the overall goals and course learning outcomes should remain the same. There are many resources available from the Office of Online Learning and Academic Technologies as well as the Center for Excellence in Teaching.

Do I have to use Blackboard? Do I have to use Blackboard Collaborate?

Since all FIT courses are set up in Blackboard, it is a useful place to serve as a kind of virtual home classroom. Many FIT faculty members already use this system as a way to email students, take attendance, share resources, and more.

FIT supports Blackboard Collaborate; Google Meet, which is part of G Suite; and Webex. There is no requirement that you use particular tools, as long as your students have access to them.

Can I change my class time when I hold virtual classes?

If you use live video or audio conferencing, you should stick to the time when your class already meets. Otherwise, students may run into scheduling conflicts with other classes.

Don’t I have to maintain a certain number of contact hours according to state requirements?

For in person classes, NY State uses “contact hours” to determine course credits. A contact hour is considered to be one hour of class time and two additional hours of work outside of class.

What is important, according to the NY State Department of Education, is that the amount of learning time should remain the same no matter what delivery method or learning activities are used. The total time should be “roughly equal to that spent on comparable tasks in a classroom-based course.”

As long as you are having students do comparable tasks, whether participating in video sessions, viewing lectures online, reading and writing in discussion threads, and completing assignments and projects, the remote instruction will be equivalent in terms of credit.

What about grading? Can I use pass/fail grading?

Faculty should provide grades according to the traditional grading mode set for their class.  An adjusted grading policy is in place that will allow students more flexibility in how these grades are noted on their transcripts; details can be found at Adjusted Grading Policy.

A grade indicates  a student’s academic achievement of learning outcomes and standards.  The adjusted policy provides additional options to students during this disrupted semester. 

I have additional questions related to teaching remotely and academic policies. Who should I ask?

Please begin by asking your department chair, who will be an excellent resource at this time.