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Faculty and Academic Program Support


The mission of FIT's Faculty and Academic Program Support (FAPS) unit is to provide exemplary consultation and direction to faculty and Academic Affairs in the areas of catalog development, curriculum administration, online learning, career and internship studies, academic advising, faculty development, academic and administrative program assessment, institutional research and services related to tenure, promotion, student evaluations, and reappointment. 

Exciting new projects from faculty and academic program support include:

Center for Excellence in Teaching:

  • CET director, Elaine Maldonado, and coordinator, Jeffrey Riman, will present FIT's online Adjunct Orientation at the May 2019 SUNY CIT conference.
  • Examples of Spring 2019 faculty development events include Promoting Harmony & Addressing Student Behavior in the Classroom (with AVP Shadia Sachedina), Creating Assignments that Promote Critical Thinking and the Flipped Classroom.

  • A second event on AR, VR and 3D printing, in collaboration with IT, will be held on March 21. This student-faculty evening immersion has been designed to promote technology-driven innovation and creative collaboration.

  • The all-day Adjunct Summer Institute will be held on Wednesday, May 29. The 2019 event, Understanding Neurodiversity: Classroom Strategies that Work!, is being facilitated with the FITABLE Office.

  • The number of faculty using the Concourse digital syllabus template continues to grow. As of February 2019, a total of 371 classes have been using the online tool. To get started, please follow these instructions. For additional information or consultation, contact the CET.


  • The office of Curriculum oversaw a large volume of curricular actions over the Spring 2018 semester. This included 77 course-related actions, including 22 new courses, 6 degree program-related actions, and 2 new academic minors. 
  • In Spring 2018, three new special topics courses were proposed by the English and Communication Studies department. These courses were put forward by the department, approved by the Dean and VP for Academic Affairs, and will be reviewed by the College-wide Curriculum Committee in Fall 2018.  

Faculty Services

  • The office of Faculty Services is undergoing a pilot program for a new online student evalutation system, EvaluationKIT. The system is expected to be rolled out campus-wide in the Fall 2018 semester.

Internship Studies:

  • The first HD111-0L (Career Planning - Online) course is offered for the Fall 2018 semester. The first IC 592-OL (Internship - Exhibition Design Online) is offered for Summer 2018.
  • As part of a Diversity Council event grant, the Internship Studies Department sponsored three events:
    • Two "open house" information sessions for non-traditional age (NTA) students were held on Sept. 14, 2017.
    • On March 15, 2018, an Over Age 25 Career Panel for non-traditional age (NTA) students was held. The panel included three FIT alumni and a recruiter: Elizabeth Pulos '15, social compliance manager, Macy's; Gwen Wunderlich, '98, vice president and partner, Wunderlich Kaplan Communications and co-creator of the Enternship, an internship program for women over age 40; Linda Turner, '82, career counselor and art psychotherapist; Alicia Fazio, CEO and senior recruiter, The Agency Worx.
    • On March 15, 2018, Industry Studies partnered with Career and Internship Studies and the Photography department to hold a Headshot Event at the Career Fair.
  • IN.dustry Club, a shadowing and professional development club sponsored by Internship Studies launched in Spring 2018. The club is inclusive and interdisciplinary - open to all majors and all years. 2018 programming featured guest speaker events including: Michael Chatworth, creative strategist for Google; Lauren Berger, CEO, InternQueen; Sara Radin, Forecaster, WGSN; Site visits included: PMC's WWD, Fairchild Live and Footwear News) and Haddad Brands. Club workshops included: Resume and Cover Letter Writing; Cold Calling and Networking; Branding Yourself and Interviewing Skills. The spring semester programming concluded with an intern panel featuring student interns from FBM, AMC and Home Products. On April 26, 2018, at the Recognition and Awards Ceremony, FIT's Student Government Association awarded IN.dustry Club with the New Club Award for 2017-2018. 

Institutional Research and Effectiveness:

  • Institutional Research and Effectiveness organized two events in the Spring semester to highlight some of the outstanding work faculty are doing to assess student learning:
    • In March, two Fashion Business Management faculty members (Joanne Offerman and Janice Messinger) shared their methods for assessing program learning outcomes in required Fashion Business Management courses.
    • In April, faculty in The School of Liberal Arts (Lasse Savola and Daniel Benkendorf) and the Library (Maria Rothenberg) discussed assessing learning outcomes in general education. These events illustrated the advancement of assessment at FIT.

Online Learning:

  • Emerging Technology at FIT: visit this website to submit and review recommendations for innovative technology that has the potential to enhance student learning or faculty research.
  • Online courses continue to prove popular, and the number of courses available online grow each semester. This semester, we have 238 online for-credit sections running, up from 222 last semester. Blended courses are growing steadily as well, with 32 courses now approved for Blended delivery. Blended courses are half online and half face-to-face.
  • The office trained 21 new instructors to teach online this semester. The training consisted of 2 full-day workshops plus a six-week online training that allowed the instructor to explore units and participate from a student perspective.
  • The Office of Online Learning recently re-designed our rubric for certifying online courses, utilizing the SUNY OSQCR and Quality Matters rubric. All new online courses will meet the criteria of a 42-point checklist with a focus on student engagement, accessibility, faculty presence, and overall course quality. This rubric will be used in a refresh program in the spring, inviting established online faculty to use this new rubric to re-certify their online courses.
  • The office continues to test and integrate new teaching tools, offering face-to-face and online faculty the opportunity to enhance their digital course materials like never before. Examples include: using Adobe Spark with Blackboard to beautifully display images, using H5P to embed quizzes in the middle of lecture videos, adding online gaming and proctoring solutions, and much more. 

  • In support of FIT's commitment to ensuring that its online content is accessible to persons with disabilities, the office will roll out Blackboard Ally, a tool that will run Blackboard course materials through an accessibility check and suggest alternative formats if necessary.
  • The office welcomed a new Online Learning Manager, Jose Diaz, on February 12. Jose comes to us from Columbia University, where he spent 3 years as a Senior Instructional Designer. Jose is focused on course quality and innovation in FIT's online, blended, and Web-enhanced courses.
  • Tamara Cupples, Executive Director of Online Learning and Academic Technologies completed a certificate from the Institute for Emerging Leadership in Online Learning, a leadership development program from the Online Learning Consortium and Penn State.
  • Online Learning/Academic Technologies is regularly collaborating with IT on efforts such as Virtual Reality, a Wearables event, and Emerging Technologies groups. 

Student Academic Support:

  • The office will welcome a new Director of Career and Internship Services, Mr. Frantz Alcindor in the Fall 2018 semester. Mr. Alcindor will play a pivotal role in providing transformative leadership for the team in the CIS unit and will have a robust Fall schedule engaging students, faculty, alumni, and industry sponsors in developing ways to expand FIT's career and internship offerings. The office also welcomed a new Employer and Sponsor relations Coordinator, Ms. Nadia Peters, and a new Career Counselor, Ms. Jessica Mooney.
  • Tutorial services will now be provided for students participating in the FIT in Italy program (Milan, Florence). Students now have a choice to receive tutoring by the faculty in Italy or in NY through our online system.
  • New approaches have been implemented to engage students who need to submit their SAT/ACT or take the Placement Exam. This initiative was developed in an effort to assist students in staying on track for graduation. 
  • The Academic Advisement Center will extend opening hours on Mondays and Thursdays during peak advisement times every semester.
  • Academic Advisement continues with the Early Alert pilot which increases the ability to reach out to students when needed and advise of academic resources available.
  • The Writing Studio celebrates its 10th year this Fall. A celebratory event will take place on October 8th with several former FIT peer tutor speakers as well as Dr. Beth Boquet of Fairfield University’s Writing Center and Poetry for Peace program. The event will help kick off FIT's campus-wide Civility Week.

  • The Writing Studio’s Communication Teaching and Learning Program will host the 2018 Spotlight Series featuring faculty from nine different departments presenting talks on research writing pedagogy.