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Curriculum Inventory Management System (CIM)

There are three types of digital curricular forms that you will use when proposing a new course, editing a course, or
editing a program. Below is a list of curricular actions and their corresponding digital form.

Access to Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM):

The Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) system is not administered by the Information Technology (IT) department. For access to the CIM system, contact Johanna Wilson in the office of Faculty and Academic Program Support at [email protected].

Curriculum Form for New Courses or Revisions Form

  • Propose a new course
  • Amend a course of study
  • Change course name
  • Change prerequisites/co-requisites
  • Change hours/credits
  • Online delivery of a course
  • Change a course description in the catalog
  • Deactivate a course

Program Management Digital Form

  • Change the degree’s curriculum sequence
  • Move a course from one semester to another
  • Drop a course from a major
  • Add a course to a major

All Other Requests Digital Form

  • Add a minor
  • Update a minor
  • Offer a special topic elective
  • Add or remove a bridge course to a major
  • Update the text below the semester-by-semester grid on a catalog major page

For quick reference, download our Curriculum Cheat Sheet

For information on how to edit or propose a new course or edit a program, log in to MyFIT and follow the Curriculum Forms link for curriculum resources and training information.

If you are a faculty member who needs to have title or credentials updated in the Undergraduate or Graduate catalog, please complete the following form for Human Resources:

Faculty Directory Changes

Once the information submitted is verified by HR, we may update the catalog(s) to reflect the change.