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Curricular Actions

To submit a curricular proposal, email [email protected], and a member of the Office of Curriculum will enter it into the CourseLeaf system, using the appropriate form.  You are able to review your curricular action in the system once it has been submitted into the Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) workflow, however you will no longer have access to edit curricular actions, unless you are in the workflow as an approver (i.e. chairperson, curriculum committee chair, dean etc.).

The process to submit a curricular action is as follows:

  1. Email your curricular action to the Office of Curriculum at [email protected]

    Some tips and reminders for submitting curricular actions:
    a) Always provide a clear rationale explaining the justification for the action.
    b) If you are submitting multiple actions that are a part of an overall program change, make sure to include all attachments (e.g. executive summary, comparison grid, courses of study) in one email.
    c) If you are proposing a new course, you must use the College-Wide Curriculum Committee’s course of study template, found here: https://www.fitnyc.edu/academic-affairs/faculty-academic-support/curriculum/guidelines/course-development/course-of-study.php
              i) Ensure that all bibliographies are alphabetized and include a section with suggested textbooks/materials.
              ii) Map course learning outcomes to course activities and content. (https://www.fitnyc.edu/files/pdfs/CET_TL_BloomsTaxonomy.pdf)
                  Units of study should include detail and context.
    d) Provide any technology or room requirements, if applicable.
    e) Include a prerequisite for any new or revised upper division elective course.

  2. The Office will review the curriculum item(s), and, if necessary, request additional information.

  3. The Office will complete the required digital form(s) and submit the proposal into the workflow.

  4. The proposed action will move through workflow. Note, if the action is rolled back by the College-Wide Curriculum Committee or the School Deans, the Office will contact the submitter for the requested information/clarification/changes.

  5. A formal memo will be sent to deans and chairpersons upon approval by the Deans of curricular actions.

For additional curriculum information, please visit www.fitnyc.edu/curriculum.  If you have any questions please contact the Office of Curriculum at 7-4050 or [email protected]