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CourseLeaf Curriculum Inventory Management System (CIM)

There are three types of digital curricular forms that you will use when proposing a new course, editing a course, or editing a program. Below is a list of curricular actions and their corresponding digital form.

Access to CourseLeaf:
CourseLeaf is not administered by the Information Technology (IT) department. For access to the CourseLeaf system, contact Johanna Wilson in the office of Faculty and Academic Program Support at johanna_wilson@fitnyc.edu.

Curriculum Form for New Courses or Revisions Form

  • Propose a new course
  • Amend a course of study
  • Change course name
  • Change prerequisites/co-requisites
  • Change hours/credits
  • Online delivery of a course
  • Add General Education designation
  • Designate a course an elective, or required
  • Change a course description in the catalog
  • Deactivate a course

Program Management Digital Form

  • Change the degree’s curriculum sequence
  • Move a course from one semester to another
  • Drop a course from a major
  • Add a course to a major

All Other Requests Digital Form

  • Change name of degree program
  • Change name of department
  • Deactivate a degree program
  • Add a minor
  • Update a minor
  • Reactivate a previously deactivated course
  • Change a course prefix
  • Offer a special topic elective
  • Add or remove a bridge course to a major
  • Update the text below the semester-by-semester grid on a catalog major page

For information on how to edit or propose a new course or edit a program, log in to MyFIT and follow the Curriculum Forms link for curriculum resources and training information. 

If you are a faculty member who needs to have title or credentials updated in the Undergraduate or Graduate catalog, please complete the following form for Human Resources:

Faculty Directory Changes

Once the information submitted is verified by HR, we may update the catalog(s) to reflect the change.