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How to Use Our Appointment System

The Academic Advisement Center uses AgileGrad for our appointment system. We are the first center to use this software, and we want to make sure you have all the information you need to use it. Please review the user guide below.

If you already know how to use our appointment system, click here to make an appointment with your advisor.

How to Use the Academic Advisement Center Appointment System

In the guide below, you'll find information about:

If you would like further information or assistance, please call the Academic Advisement Center at (212) 217-3080 or e-mail us at advisementcenter@fitnyc.edu.

How to Access the Appointment System:

Under the Student tab in MyFIT, click on Make an appointment with your Academic Advisor in the Online Resources box.  That link will take you to the main page of the system, where you can schedule an appointment, check in for an existing appointment, and learn more about our advisors.

Online Resources box 

How to Schedule an Appointment with an Advisor

Click on Schedule a new appointment or Make An Appointment to log in.

Advisement Center Appointment System Make an Appointment

Click Login through SSO to access the main login screen.

Advisement Center Login through SSO

For your security, this screen asks you to verify your identity using FIT's Central Authentication Service (CAS). Enter your FIT username and password and click LOGIN. This will bring you to the calendar screen.

Advisement Center Appointment System Main Login

The colored bubbles on the screenshot below explain the fields you will be using to schedule an appointment on the calendar screen.

make an appointment screen shot

How to check the name of your assigned advisor
After logging into the appointment system,  you can view the name of your assigned advisor displayed in the upper left hand corner and the days and times your advisor is available for appointments. Select your advisor's name under Select advisor to view availability and your advisor's schedule will appear in the calendar. Available appointment times show up as green boxes.

You may select an appointment time either by filling out the field marked Date and time of your appointment or by clicking one of the green boxes in the calendar. If you want to make an appointment for a different date, click the Next week button until the correct date is displayed.

Your name, ID number, and email address will be filled in automatically. Please make sure you fill out all fields; if you don't, your appointment request wont be submitted.

Advisement sessions via Telephone or Online are available by selecting either "Telephone Appointment" or "Virtual Appointment" from the Appointment type drop down menu. 

When you have filled out the required fields, click Schedule Appointment. An appointment request will automatically be sent to your advisor, who will send an email via AgileGrad to your FIT email address to confirm your appointment.

You may opt to receive an Appointment Reminder by email and/or text message to your mobile phone by entering your mobile number.

Please note: your appointment is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email from AgileGrad. You should receive this confirmation within one business day. If you have not received confirmation from AgileGrad after one business day, please call (212) 217-3080 or email advisementcenter@fitnyc.edu so that we may assist you.


How to Check In for an Existing Appointment

When you arrive at the Academic Advisement Center, go to one of the computer stations. Using Internet Explorer, open a new browser window, which will take you to MyFIT. Log in and access the appointment system by clicking on Make an appointment with your Academic Advisor in the Online Resources box. 

Click on Check in for or cancel an existing appointment

Advisement Center Check in or Cancel

Click Login through SSO

Advisement Center Login Through SSO

Enter your FIT username and password, then click LOGIN. 

Advisement Center Main CAS Login Screen

You will see the date and time of any upcoming appointment you have scheduled, along with the name of your advisor. To check in, click the Check In button.  

Advisement Check In

You will see the following confirmation.

Advisement Check-In Confirmation

You're checked in! Please feel free to relax in our front seating area; your advisor will meet you there shortly and take you back to one of our offices for your appointment. 


How to Request a New Appointment Time

If you'd like to change the time of your appointment, login and click on Check in for or cancel an existing appointment.

check in or cancel screenshot

On the following screen, click on Propose New Time.

Advisement Center Propose New Time

When you reach the appointment calendar, select a green box to suggest a new time and then submit your request.

Opt for an Appointment Reminder via Email and/or text message.

You will also receive an email stating that you have requested a new time and you will receive a second email from your advisor confirming the new appointment time.

 Please note: Your appointment is not confirmed until you receive the second e-mail from your advisor.

How to Cancel an Appointment

If you'd like to cancel your appointment, login through MyFIT and click on Check in for or cancel an existing appointment.

Advisement Center Main Page Check In or Cancel

On the following screen, click the Cancel button.

Advisement Center Cancel Appointment Button
Please type a brief summary of the reason you're canceling your appointment and click the Cancel Appointment button. 

Advisement Center Reason for Cancellation

You will receive confirmation of your cancellation.

Advisement Center Post Cancel Screen
If you would like to schedule an appointment for a different day or time, please use the calendar page. Click on the following link to learn how to schedule an appointment.

How to Browse the List of Advisors

After logging into the appointment system, select either Browse a list of our advisors or Meet our advisors.

Advisement Center Appointment System Main Page Browse Advisors

On the following screen, click on any advisor name or photo.

You will then be able to see the advisors contact information, office hours, and bio. You may also click on the green Make Appointment button to schedule an appointment with that advisor.

Now that you've read through our guide, you can click the following link to make an appointment with your advisor. We look forward to seeing you soon!