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Other Libraries You Can Use

If the FIT Library does not have the book,DVD, magazine/journal/newspaperthat you need, you may want to try to find it in another library.But don't assume that we don't have what you need-- it might be available herein adifferent format (e.g. in print instead of online, or vice versa). Ask a librarian to verify that we don't have the item and to suggest other libraries thatmight best serve your needs.
VISITORS:Use this information to determine if you need to visit the FIT Library (by appointment only). You may find that the information you want is available to you -- for free and on a walk-in-basis -- at another library.




New York City is served by three public library systems: The New York Public Library,(NYPL) Brooklyn Public Library,(BPL) and Queens Library(QL) Each system isseparate--you needtoget a different card to use each one in person or its online services--but all are free to anyone who lives, works, goes to school, or pays propertytaxes in New York State.

The NYPL, BPL and QLhave reciprocal agreements which allow full borrowing privileges, including reserves and renewals, among the three library systems. Registration for reciprocal use may be required. It does NOT apply to remote use of online databases, so you may want to get cards from all three systems.

The NYPL has specialized research-only locations, as well as the many neighborhood libraries where most items can be borrowed. These library locationsmay be the most suited for FIT students and others looking for commonly-asked questions we get at the FIT Library:

SIBL:business resources, includingthe apparel and related industries, job hunting resources including free classes
The Schwartzman Building:This is the famous building with thehuge marblelions at the main entrance.
Muhlenberg,a small branch, thepublic library closest to FIT
Library for the Performing Arts

Apply for NYPL card now:

Apply for BPL card now

Apply for QL card now

Each library card typically allows you to use online databases from that Library's system, borrow books from any of the 3 systems (but registering your account may be required in advance), and reserve books that are in one location to be sent to another location within that same system. See details on each library's site

METRO is a consortium of many academic, museum, research, and special (corporate) libraries in the NYC area. Current FIT students and employees can get passes to visit (not borrow from) these libraries if they hold items that are not available at FIT or the NYPL.Ask a librarian for details.

Interlibrary loan (ILL)is a service which helps patrons obtain materials that are not available at the FIT Library. All patrons must have a valid FIT ID card and a current FIT e-mail account. Materials owned by FIT Library (even if they are checked out, on reserve or non-circulating) cannot be ordered through ILL. We are also not able toorder textbooks through ILL.

As a current FIT student or employee, you have full access, including borrowing privileges, to all other State University of New York (SUNY) libraries. You must bring your currently valid FIT ID card.Note that CUNY (City University of New York) libraries are not affiliated with FIT or SUNY except through METRO.

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