New Program Process

For instructions on developing new undergraduate programs:

FIT Guidelines for New Programs 

Handbook for the Submission of Undergraduate Academic Program Proposals (SUNY)

Outline of Steps for New Program Proposals

For instructions on developing new graduate programs:

Guidelines for the Submission of Graduate Academic Program Proposals  

If you are thinking of developing a new degree program or are in the process of preparing a program announcement, you must first complete this form:

Form for Approval to Proceed with New Program (FIT)

After completing the FIT Approval Form (the link above), your next step is to prepare the following forms (which can also be found in the SUNY Handbook) to be sent to SUNY:

Program Announcement Form (SUNY Appendix A)

Program Proposal Form (SUNY Appendix B)

To ensure that you have completed all the appropriate steps when developing or revising curriculum, refer to the checklist below: 

Developing New Curriculum and Revising Current Programs: A Checklist