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Forecasting Services

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The Library subscribes to a number of forecasting services for womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, textiles, home products and more.  Each of the forecast services offers coverage of runway shows from major fashion cities worldwide, mood boards with color palettes, and retail store images for the spring/summer and fall/winter seasons.

Available through Databases or by clicking the links below. FIT username & password are required for access.

Fashion Snoops
This youth-oriented service includes coverage of men’s, women’s, girl’s and boy’s markets as well as the denim, accessories and interiors markets.  Reporting includes retail windows, extensive trade show reports and runway images, quirky blogs, and a flats library of key pieces for each season.  Mood boards and color palettes include Pantone-keyed colors.  Students can set up their own boards within the service folders. 

Doneger Creative Services
Doneger provides both print and online presentations of color.  Additionally, David Wolfe,  Pat Tunsky and Jamie Ross, noted fashion commentators, present analysis of runway, resort and retail offerings for both men and women’s markets.  Forecast sketches target a mass-market audience.

In addition to general forecasting offerings, Stylesight includes runway images organized by classification, color and flats libraries, vintage fashion, and business-related reporting from numerous fashion and design markets, including emerging designers.  Colors are Pantone-keyed and students may save their own story boards.  Embedded trend presentations and email newsletters allow users constant business and design updates. 

WGSN (Worth Global Style Network)
This service offers retail reporting on cities worldwide, trend research for the menswear, womenswear, childrenswear, retail and packaging industries.  Color palettes are Pantone-keyed, and grouped for purchase directly from Pantone.   Retail, trade and runway shows reflect worldwide coverage, with a focus on the business of design and the influences that feed it.  News reports and blogging provide prompt updates. 


Restricted forecasts by season:
Fall/Winter 14/15, Spring/Summer 14

Cotton Associates
This forecast is presented by the Cotton Incorporated organization, and includes their trademark fresh clear color, arranged in themes.  Published twice a year.

Color Association
This collaboration by major fashion-industry source presents color palettes for women’s, men’s and youth markets twice a year, and once a year for interiors.

Doneger Creative Services
This service developed from Doneger’s successful buying office.  It presents mass-market color and fabric trends arranged in themed books, plus reporting of retail, runway, and cosmetic trends.  Published twice a year.

Graphic Sport
This youth-oriented book provides active-sportswear sketches aimed at an urban market.  Graphic designs, layered for re-use, can be downloaded from included USB.  Colors are Pantone-keyed.  Published twice a year.

Mudpie: MPD Active

This active sportswear book, published in the UK, includes street-focused graphics, color stories, and clear technical flats. Published twice a year.


The Periodicals Desk houses a copy of Pantone’s “Fashion + Home” color fan. Students can match colors in this format, which allows them to purchase color-controlled samples for their projects. The fan is kept with the most current season of forecasts. 

Peclers Paris 

Peclers presents a balance between the more fashion-forward European market and more mass-market presentation. FIT purchases their books in two niche categories: 
  • Futur(s) forecasts design themes for items as diverse as interiors and home products to automobiles, fashion and appliances with swatches and photographs of materials and furnishing objects.  It is published once a year. Available both in print and as a PDF. Note: right click in PDF for a navigation menu.
  • Enfants (Children) 2-12 books covers childrenswear.  The books provide themes illustrated with silhouettes, photographs, swatches and color.  Published twice a year.

Preview Lingerie
This stand-alone book is published in Austria and focuses solely on women’s lingerie.  Samples include laces, ribbons, elastics and trims, arranged in themes and illustrated with forecasted silhouettes.  Published twice a year.

Trend Union
This service is produced by Li Edelkort, trend spotter and stylist of “Bloom” magazine, is noted for its artful presentation.  Periodicals purchase only the color segment, which provides proprietary color and theme information.  Published twice a year.


  • Must be viewed inside the Forecast Reading Room
  • Current FIT ID required
  • 2 hour loan period
  • Eating and drinking prohibited
  • Photo and other copying media prohibited
  • Talking to students outside the area prohibited

Trend forecasting magazines are available in Periodicals Services.

FIT faculty may request and conduct forecast orientation sessions for their classes. Scroll to the bottom of the form and select "Self-conducted Periodical and Forecasts Workshop" on the form's last question. Then fill out the forecast orientation form in the pop-out window. Library personnel will confirm the request within 48 hours. Librarians may request forecast materials for their orientation sessions.

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