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Interior Design Resource Center [IDRC]

Goodman Center          5th floor
Phone:                           212.217.4365
John Williams                 Resource Coordinator
Lana Bittman                  Assistant Professor, Librarian
Located on the 5th floor Reading Room, next to Call Number Z in the Main stack area, the IDRC is open whenever the Library is open.
The IDRC maintains a professional-level product literature collection, containing manufacturer catalogs for furniture, lighting, architectural products and accessories, as well as a wide selection of interior finishes sample systems, including  paint, wall covering, carpet, resilient flooring, tile, stone, wood, and fabric samples.  The Center also houses a selection of source reference materials, including Sweet’s Catalogs, buyer’s guides and design building directories.

Resources in the collection are color coded by product category and legends are posted throughout the area.  Product categories within the collection include:

  • Architectural Products & Details (0100)
  • Display Fixtures – Retail (0200)
  • Furniture (0300)
  • Lighting (0400)
  • Accessories (0500)
  • Interior Finishes (0600)
  • Fabric & Trimming (0700)
  • Source Reference Materials (0800)

The library is currently in the process of cataloging all IDRC resources.  A limited number of items in the collection are currently listed in StyleCat Library Catalog and more will continue to appear as the cataloging process continues.

The IDRC collection is a reference collection only.  Materials cannot be borrowed or removed from the collection area, except for photocopying.  Photocopying is limited to within the Library and it is the user’s responsibility to return photocopied materials.

Duplicates of photographs and samples found in the collection can be obtained by contacting the manufacturer or local area representative; phone numbers can be found in the catalog or sample system, in the A-Z Index of the Interior Design Buyers Guide, located in the Source Reference Materials section of the collection or on line.  Many company websites include on-line sample ordering facility.  Contact the IDRC for assistance. Orientation tours of the Interior Design Resource Collection can be arranged; please call for an appointment.

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