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Connecting to FIT's Network

 Connecting to FITAIR on a PC  
 Connecting to FITAIR on a Mac  

Wireless Hot Spots

Dubinsky Center
A-306 Classroom
A-307 Classroom
A-317 Classroom
A-324 Classroom
A-336 Classroom
A-337 Classroom
A-341A Classroom
A-341B Classroom
A-342 Classroom
5th floor Pizza Lounge
A-508A Classroom
A-508D Classroom
A-508E Classroom
A-508F Classroom
A-508G Classroom
A-605J Classroom
A-608G Classroom
A-608H Classroom
A-608I Classroom
A-608J Classroom
A-608K Classroom
A-640 Classroom
A-642 Classroom
7th floor Student Life 
A-738 Game Room
A-739 Craft Room
8th floor alcove, faculty dining area
A/B Breezeway floors 4, 5 and 6

Business & Liberal Arts Center
B-302A Classroom
B-304 Classroom
B-306 Classroom
B-307 Classroom
B-309 Classroom
B-436 Classroom
B-461/462 Classroom
B-502 CET
B-504 Distance Learning Office
B-506 Classroom
B-731 Classroom
B-734 Classroom
B-819 Classroom
B-824 Classroom
B-825 Math Lab
B-860 Classroom
B-923 Classroom
B-924 Classroom
B-928 Classroom

Feldman Center 
CC-21 Classroom
CC-28 Residential
C-105A Res Life
C-108 Computer Room
C-110 Advisement Office
C-227 Classroom
C-228 Computer Lab
C-229 Computer Lab
C-230 Computer Lab 

C-231 Computer Lab
C-232 Computer Lab
C-302 Computer Classroom
C-304 Computer Classroom
C-305 Computer Classroom
C-305B Customer Service
C-306 Computer Classroom
C-307 Computer Lab
C-308 Classroom 
C-309 Computer Classroom
C-310 Classroom
C-312 Classroom
C-314 Classroom
C-316 Classroom
C-318 Classroom
C-401 Classroom
C-402 Classroom
C-404 Classroom
C-406 Classroom
C-407A Classroom
C-408 Classroom
C-409 Computer Classroom
C-410 Classroom
C-414 Classroom
C-415a Computer Classroom
C-415b Computer Classroom
C-415c Computer Classroom
C-501 Classroom
C-503 Classroom
C-615 Classroom
C-808 Classroom
C-809 Classroom
C-810 Classroom
C-811 Classroom
C-811 Cart

Pomerantz Center 
D-211 Classroom
D-331 Meeting Room
D-404 Student Lounge
D-411 Classroom
D-422 Classroom
D-506 Classroom
D-523 Classroom
D-530 Classroom
D-602 Classroom
D-603 Classroom
D-604 Classroom
D-605 Classroom
D-614 Classroom
D-615 Classroom
D-616 Classroom
D-617 Classroom
D-625 Classroom
D-626 Classroom
D-627 Classroom
D-633 Classroom
D-634 Classroom
D 6th Floor Hallways

Goodman Center
E-614 Classroom 
Museum lobby 
Museum Exhibit Hall 
Museum Collections Area 
Library 4th floor 
Library 5th floor 
Library 6th floor

East Courtyard 
Courtyard (Cont. Ed Area) 
Common Area 
Seminar Room 1 
Seminar Room 2 
Seminar Room 3 
Seminar Room 4 
Seminar Room 5 
Seminar Room 6 
Seminar Room 7 
Seminar Room 8 
Seminar Room 9
Great Hall

West Courtyard
Common area btw. A & B bldg.(Outdoors) 

236 West 27th
1st Floor Customer Service Area
2nd Floor Conference Area

Residential Life
Alumni Work Room 
Alumni Conference Room 
Coed Lounge/Rec Room

31st Street Dormitory


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