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FIT Labs
Gerber specialty labs
 - Gerber AccuMark, Gerber WebPDM, and more
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 - Gerber AccuMark, Gerber WebPDM, and more
 - Lectra Software Suite (U4ia, PrimaVision, Modaris, DiaminoFashun, Kaledo Style, Kaledo Knit, Kaledo Weave)
 - Specialized labs, software, and hardware meet student needs
 - Both Apple Macintosh and Windows PCs are available
 - Both Apple Macintosh and Windows PCs are available
 - FIT's computer labs are running the latest versions of Adobe Creative Suite software, Microsoft
Office, Gerber Software, JDA, Final Cut Pro, and other applications.
 - Both personal computers and laptops are available
 - IT maintains more than 46 computer and specialty labs, with more than 1,200 computers available for student use
 - The Department of Foreign Languages Computer Lab

Labs & Facilities

The following software packages are available in the college-wide computer lab [cc15 & cc15a] and in select academic classrooms.

Autodesk 3ds Max
Adobe After Effects CS
Adobe CS Professional (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash Pro, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Acrobat Professional, Fireworks, Bridge)
Adobe Lightroom
Autodesk AutoCad
Colour Matters
Discover Econ
Extensis Suitcase Fusion
Final Cut Pro
Gerber AccuMark
Gerber WebPDM
Google SketchUp
JDA ASR Client
JDA Allocation & Enterprise Planning
Lectra Software Suite (PrimaVision, Modaris, Diamino Fashion, Kaledo Style, Kaledo Knit, Kaledo Weave) Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook)
Nedgraphics Fashion Studio
Premier Accessibility Suite
Sam + Tom
SPSS Statistics Package

Specialized software packages:

Aufmann Barker Math Tutorial  C612, SR2, B825 
Corel Painter  C228, C306
Design Spec  CC15A4, SR2
Nedgraphics Jacquard Studio  C227, C228
Pronounciation Pro C614, SR2, B825
Pulse Signature Xi C409
Quickbooks Pro CC15A4
Rhino 3d & Flamingo, TechGems,
CC15A4, C229, C231
SnapFashun Library CC16, CC20A, CC40, B302A, B302A
(instructor stations only)
STOLL M1 & IrfanView CC21

Department Labs

A570 - FIT-ABLE Lab
A587 - Advertising-Marketing-Communication
A608B - Tutoring Center
B302A - FMM
B463 - Toy Design
B502 - Center for Excellence in Teaching
B824 - Math Emporium
B825 - Mathlab
B915 - TDT Training Room
CC21 - Stoll Knitting Lab
C401 - Pattern Making Lab
C614 - EdSkills
CD614 - Language Lab

C811 - Fashion Design
C816 - Color Lab
D414 - Photography
D366 - Photography
D425A- Visual Presentation and Exhibit Design
D529 - Graphics Lab
D522 - Communication Design
Library - E Building 4th, 5th, & 6th Floors
E423 - Graduate Studies
SR2 - Continuing Education & Seminars
Home Products - Laptop Program
Fashion Design - Laptop Program

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