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Degree audits (DARS) for Graduate Students

The  degree audit (DARS) is available online.

Log in to MyFIT using your FIT username and password.

  • Click Student Services tab. 
  • Click Online Information System. 
  • Click DARS Degree Audit System. 
  • Click Submit An Audit or View Submitted Audit. 
  • Click Run Audit. (To get an audit for advisement, please keep the settings at the default: "List All Requirements" should be visible in the box next to Run Audit. If you are not taking the degree audit to an advisement session you have the option of viewing a partial degree audit showing only completed requirements or only incomplete requirements) 
  • Click View Submitted Audits. 
  • Click the degree program you wish to view. (You may have more than one degree audit displayed. Be sure to select the degree audit for the major to which you are currently admitted and pursuing.) 
  • Click View A Printer Friendly Report and then Print Copy.

When is the degree audit available?
Online student information is available seven days a week. System maintenance is performed each day from 2 AM to 4 AM, at which time access will not be available. Occasionally, the system will be unavailable when additional maintenance and/or upgrades are performed.

What do I do if MyFIT is not working?
Contact the IT help desk at 212 217.HELP.

What do the notations mean? 

    IP --The requirement is in-process; successful completion is presumed 
    OK --The requirement is complete. 

    NO --The requirement is not complete; this symbol will be followed by a: 

         (-) minus and a line that says "NEEDS:" and then the number of courses needed to complete that requirement
         --> NEEDS: 3.000 GPA) to indicate either your GPA was below 3.0 or the semester is still in progress
         (+) plus to indicate this part of the requirement is complete. 
         (*) asterisk: indicates for information only. 
    RP --This is a repeated course. 

    >D --The GPA is retained for this course even when the course is repeated. 

    >X--No credit has been posted and GPA has not been calculated.

Why didnít all my coursework print out?

Before attempting to print, click the VIEW A PRINTER FRIENDLY REPORT link at the top of the audit. This will ensure that the entire degree audit is printed in a format that is readable.  If you print the online format of the audit, you may get only a screen shot.  In addition, all the hyperlinks used to navigate in the online version will also print on the audit.  The hyperlinks are useful while online, but unnecessarily "clutter" the audit in a printed version. 

In addition, when you run an audit you have a choice of viewing only incomplete requirements or only completed requirements.  If you choose to change the settings, a partial degree audit will be prepared to show only the incomplete requirements or only the completed requirements, depending on what you setting you have chosen. 

If you are taking the printed audit to an advisement session: 

  • Run a new degree audit so that any recent changes like registration or substitutions are included. 
  • Make sure "List All Requirements" is visible in the box next to RUN AUDIT to ensure you have the complete audit. 
  • Print the printer friendly report version.
What is the information posted at beginning of the web audit? 
There is a summary of all requirements for your major at the beginning of the web audit. The status of each requirement will be indicated with a code of IP (in-process), OK (complete) or NO (not complete). Click the graphic to the left of the status code to go directly to the full requirement for details, or you can use the scroll bar to look at the details of all requirements. Please note: this summary is a web enhancement to allow quick access to specific requirements. A printed degree audit will not have this summary included.

When will changes such as add/drop, grade changes, transfer credit or approved substitutions appear on my degree audit?
Updated information will be reflected on your degree audit when the change is approved and posted to the data base. It may be necessary for you to check your degree audit at intervals to confirm that the transaction has been posted.

What do I do if the degree audit is wrong or I get an error message?
Please contact the Graduate School, 212-217-4300 or email:
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