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Special Events and Projects

Special Events

Trench coat, skirt and bags for installation "Moda y Política: Encuentros místicos en la Ciudad de México" Montserrat Caballero, 2015 Photographer: Daniel Sroor
Beca Adidas Border
April 16 – June 7, 2015
Museo Universitario del Chopo | Mexico City

Beca Adidas Border, organized by Willy Kautz, showcases collaborative projects that focus on interdisciplinary artistic production and research. Tanya Melendez, MFIT curator of education and public programs, was invited by the artist Montserrat Caballero to collaborate in the project "Moda y política: encuentros místicos en la Ciudad de México," which explores Mexico City's garment district from political, historic and symbolic perspectives.

Melendez and Andrea Ancira led the research team for the project and contributed two essays to the publication.

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2nd Bilbao International Art & Fashion Forum
1950-2050 | Exploring the Future of the Fashion Industry
May 5, 2015
Bilbao Fine Arts Museum Auditorium | Bilbao, Spain

Taking the inception and subsequent development of haute couture in France as a starting point, the 2nd Bilbao International Art & Fashion Forum will reflect on what led to Paris' status as an international fashion capital, as well as on the emergence of new cities that have consolidated themselves as unavoidable references in a global fashion industry.

Panel participants are Miren Arzalluz, Kaat Debo, Jan Miller, and Valerie Steele.

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fashion history conference
84th Anglo-American Conference of Historians
July 2-3, 2015
Institute of Historical Research | University of London

Fashion in history is a topic which has come of age in recent years, as scholars have turned to addressing what is chic and what is style over the ages and across different cultures. The history of fashion, and the role of fashion in history, is not just confined to the study of dress and costume, but encompasses design and innovation, taste and zeitgeist, treats as its subjects both people and objects, and crosses over into related disciplines such as the history of art and architecture, consumption, retailing and technology.

Valerie Steele will be a plenary speaker at this 2 day conference.

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Past Workshops

Cross-Pollination: Masterpieces of the Collections
Online event

This workshop was organized by The Museum at FIT in conjunction with Mexico’s Atelier Romo and the Sala de Arte Publico Siqueiros (SAPS). Under the mentorship of artist Sebastian Romo and Tanya Melendez, MFIT’s curator of education, students from FIT and Atelier Romo interpreted MFIT’s costume collection and SAPS’ murals. Results are published via the link above.

Cross Pollination Eco Fashion
Cross-Pollination: Eco-Fashion
Online event

Students from FIT and the Mexican school CENTRO shared their skills, diverse perspectives and interpretations of the MFIT exhibition Eco-Fashion: Going Green.

In the summer of 2010, The Museum at FIT invited five students from each institution to investigate ecological sustainability in fashion and what that means to them. The two teams of students were then asked to work together to develop a joint project that would reflect their discoveries and conclusions...
This workshop was organized in collaboration with the Mexican Cultural Institute of New York and Centro de diseño, cine y television. It was made possible in part through funding by the FIT Student-Faculty Corporation.

cross polination
Cross-Pollination: Fashion & Politics
Online event

Students from FIT and the Mexican school CENTRO shared their diverse skills and perspectives in order to help each other arrive at interpretations of the MFIT exhibition Fashion & Politics. The results of this online collaboration are published here on MFIT’s website. Organized in collaboration with the Mexican Cultural Institute of New York.

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