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FIT Seventh Avenue side.
2009 Graduating Student Fashion Show
Student Work
Kathleen Hoffman
Fashion Design
Kathleen Hoffman - Fashion Design
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Kathleen Hoffman - Fashion Design
Sung Park - Fashion Design
Kaylee Frazier - Fashion Design
Asli Polat - Fashion Design
Annalise Frank - Fashion Design
Ekaterina Krutova - Fashion Design
Emily Keller - Fashion Design
Naoko Hirata - Fashion Design
Kristina Keenan - Fashion Design
Belinda Lagasi - Fashion Design
Sylwia Siedlecka - Fashion Design
Jillian Fitzgerald - Fashion Design
Erin Robinson - Fashion Design
Jiao Xiang - Fashion Design
Joshua Cook - Fashion Design
Yoo Jin Kim - Fashion Design
Kristen Kells - Fashion Design
Brandyne Lackland - Menswear
Sean McKoy - Menswear
Marcus Cumberpatch - Menswear
Oluwatoyin Hugley - Menswear
Sojung Leem - Menswear
Pamela Ruiz - Menswear
Jason Thomas - Menswear
Tanner Randall - Menswear
Brandyne Lackland - Menswear
Pamela Ruiz - Menswear
Jason Thomas - Menswear
Marcus Cumberpatch - Menswear

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