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What do the grades mean?

Scholastic standing is determined by a semester index, computed by multiplying grade value by credit hours for the course, and dividing the sum by the total credit hours.  The following grades are used for final marks:


  A               4.0
  A-              3.7
  B+             3.3
  B               3.0
  B-              2.7
  C+             2.3
  C               2.0
  C-              1.7
  D               1.0
  F                0


  IN              Incomplete
  IP              In Progress
  L                Audit
  P               Passed
  WD           Student-initiated authorized withdrawal                             
  WF            Unauthorized withdrawal
  Y               Intermediate grade
  Z               No grade
  *                Developmental course grade notation
  >               Repeated course grade notation.  See repeat policy below.



An Incomplete is assigned at the instructors discretion. Coursework must be completed within six weeks

of the start of the following semester. IN cannot become a WD.


Indicates that a thesis is in progress. IP is replaced by an appropriate letter grade when the thesis is completed

or by an F if matriculation is not maintained.


Audit grade (may be assigned for non-degree student only).


A P grade is not calculated in the scholastic average, but credit is received and recorded on the academic transcript.

An F grade is calculated in the GPA.


Effective Spring 2015, a student-initiated authorized withdrawal is permitted up to the thirteenth week

of a fall/spring semester.  A WD grade does not affect GPA.  This grade is a terminal grade

and changes are not accepted.


Unauthorized withdrawal, which may be assigned at the instructors discretion, carries a penalty, and is equivalent to an

F in the GPA.  This grade is a terminal grade and changes are not accepted.


Intermediate grade assigned after the first of two semesters or the first two semesters of a three-semester sequence.

Y will be replaced by an appropriate letter grade when sequence is completed. Does not affect GPA.


No grade reported by instructor at grade-processing deadline. Does not affect GPA.


A grade with an asterisk is assigned for a a developmental course.  Does not affect GPA.


Denotes student repeated a failed course.  Does not affect GPA.

All grade disputes must be resolved within two years of receipt of the grade and cannot be disputed once the degree is awarded and sealed

REPEAT POLICY  (effective spring 2014)

1.        Only a course with a grade of "F", "WA", "WD", or "WF" may be repeated.

2.        If a student receives a grade of "F" or "WF", the original grade permanently remains on the official transcript.

3.           If a student repeats the course, only the last grade earned will be included in the GPA.

4.           A course originally taken for a grade cannot be retaken for a Pass/Fail grade.

5.           A student who wishes to enroll in a third and final attempt of a course may do so only with the approval of the department chair or assistant chair of a student's major.


1.      No major subject can be taken on a pass/fail basis. AAS candidates are permitted to take a maximum of 6 free elective or liberal arts elective credits on a pass/fail basis. BS candidates may take up to 6 liberal arts elective credits for a pass/fail grade. BFA candidates are permitted to take 3 elective credits on a pass/fail basis.

2.      At least one full semester must have been completed at FIT; students must be currently registered for no fewer than 12 regularly graded credits in addition to the course taken on a pass/fail basis.

3.      Only 3 credit hours per semester can be taken on a pass/fail basis.

4.      The instructor must be informed within the first three weeks of the class that the course is to be taken on a pass/fail basis.   Visit the Registrar's Office for approval.

5.      No more than one pass/fail course may be taken in any one department during each degree program.
6.      Only a course with a grade of F, "WA", WD, or WF may be repeated.


Academic Probation/Dismissal

Scholastic Standing

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