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Register Online


Log-in to MyFit myfit.fitnyc.edu

Enter your FIT username in this format: firstname_last name

Enter your password.  The default, case sensitive, password is your birthday in Mmmddyyyy format. For example if your
birthday is April 8, 1995 your default password is: Apr081995

After successful log-in, click on the Student tab. Under Online Information System heading, click Registration.

  • Select the term to register for and click Register/Add/Drop Classes
  • Click on Class Search at the bottom of the page. 
  • Highlight the subject of the course(s) you are searching for then click on Course Search.

To register for a class/section/meeting time of your choosing, click the box to the far left.  Select Register or Add to
at the bottom of the page. 
NOTE: If the box is not visible, that course section is not available for registration.

If you have several Course Reference Numbers (CRNs) you'd like to register for at once, select Register/Add/Drop
under the Registration menu.
Enter CRNs in boxes and click Submit Changes.  NOTE: Courses that are co-requisites of each other must be registered/entered at the same time otherwise you will get registration error messages.

If you have successfully registered, the screen will look like this one below.  To drop a course from your schedule, click Web Drop under the Action column.