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ESC: Digital Artworks by C.J. Yeh

Past Student / Faculty Exhibitions

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© C.J. Yeh
ESC: Digital Artworks by C.J. Yeh
Gallery FIT
October 4 December 13, 2014

ESC: Digital Artworks by C. J. Yeh investigated and illustrated the life, career, and thoughts of Art & Design faculty member C. J. Yeh, and looked at how the digital revolution has resulted in a new cultural paradigm centered on social networking. The exhibition included artworks from four different bodies of work: CJ Was Here, a series of conceptual mixed-media art; De-Purpose, a series of interactive installations; Equals, a series of net art (artworks using the Internet as its primary medium or platform); and vWare 1.0, a series of visual software programs inspired by literature.

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