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Student Health Insurance


Who is required to complete the immunization requirements?
All students taking at least six (6) semester hours or the equivalent per semester are required to submit immunization documentation in accordance with the New York State Public Health Law.  Click here for details on the immunization requirements.

Is the meningitis vaccine mandatory?
The meningitis vaccine is not mandatory. However, you will need to provide information regarding meningococcal disease and vaccination(s).

What if my health practitioner does not have a stamp?
Your health practitioner may write your immunization information and dates on his/her prescription pad and sign it.

Do I need to submit a completed FIT Immunization form if I have my own immunization record?
No, you don't need to have the FIT Immunization form filled out. A copy of your immunization record is sufficient as long as it meets the requirements.

What can I do if I don't have my immunization documents?
If you have not taken the required immunizations, you can get them at the Health Services, the New York City Department of Health, or your doctor. For more information, visit our Immunization Requirements page. If you have taken the immunizations, you may take a blood test (MMR titer) to test for presence of antibodies in your blood. We offer the blood test at a cost. Click here for fees.

How do I find answers to immunization questions not listed in the FAQ list?
Call FIT Health Services at 212 217.4190.


Who can use the Health Services?
The Health Services is open to the whole FIT community for emergencies. Certain non-emergent services are only available to full-time students. Click Services on the left menu to learn more.

Why are certain services only available to full-time students?
The Health Services Office is funded by the Health Services fee assessed to full-time students who are eligible to utilize the Health Services Office.

Do you offer counseling and psychological services?
The Counseling Center in Dubinsky Room A212B offers these services. For more information, you can visit the Counseling Center webpage or call 212 217.4260.

Can I be seen at the Health Services if I waived the student health insurance provided by FIT?
Yes. Click Services on the left menu to see a list of services available to you.

How much do the medical office visits cost?
The Health Services fee covers visits to the Health Services.  The fee is $150 per semester for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Can I walk in to see a health practitioner?
Yes. Click here for information about walk-in hours.

What is the best time to walk in?
Early mornings are usually the best. The hours between noon and 2pm are usually the busiest.

Do I have to wait to be seen?
Walk-ins are on a "first come, first serve" basis so length of wait depends on the number of people who walked in before you. Length of wait may increase if there are emergencies or if we are short on staff.

Do you fill prescriptions?
Because the Health Services is not a licensed pharmacy, we can not fill prescriptions written by other health practitioners. We do, however, provide most medications prescribed by our health practitioners.

How much are the medications the Health Services carry?
Most of the medications we provide are free. We offer some medications such as emergency contraceptive pills at a cost. Call us at 212 217.4190 for current fees.

What type of payments do you accept?
We accept cash and most major credit cards.

Why do I need to see a health practitioner to get medications?
A health practitioner needs to evaluate your symptoms and choose the best type of treatment. Some over-the-counter medications are available at the front desk. Click here for general medical service information.

Can I call for my test results?
It is recommended to come to the Health Services to discuss test results.

How do I get a copy of my medical records?
A Medical Release Authorization Form must completed and signed by the patient to release any medical records.

What do I do if the Health Services is closed?
If you have an on-campus emergency, call the FIT Security Department at 7-7777. If you have an off-campus emergency, call 911. You may also consult other doctors or medical facilities. Contact your health insurance for coverage for these visits.

How do I find answers to health services questions not listed in the FAQ list?
Call FIT Health Services at 212 217.4190.

Student Health Insurance

How much is the student health insurance at FIT?
Click here for fees.

Who is eligible to enroll to the student health insurance?
Full-time students are eligible and enrolled to the student health insurance automatically. Part-time students must call Gallagher Student at 1 (800) 397-4938 for eligibility and enrollment. To print your insurance card, click here.

Can I waive the student health insurance?
Yes. You can waive the student health insurance if you have equal or better health coverage from another company. To waive, you will have to submit a waiver form by the deadline date. Click here for more information.

Do I have to submit a health insurance waiver form every semester?
You will only need to submit a waiver form in the Fall for the whole academic year. If you enter FIT in the Spring, you will need to submit a waiver form for the Spring semester.

What does the health insurance cover?
Visit the Gallagher Student website for more information on the student health insurance coverage or call 1 (800) 397-4938.

Do I get an insurance ID card?
The insurance cards are sent after the waiver deadline to students who did not waive the school health insurance. If you need the insurance card before the waiver deadline, you need to confirm your enrollment. Visit our Student Health Insurance page or call Gallagher Student at 1 (800) 397-4938 for more information.

Do you have a list of doctors I can go to?
Go to then click 'Find A Doctor'.

How do I get a referral?
Consult a health practitioner at the FIT Health Services for a referral.

Can I fill multiple months of a prescription at a time?
If you are traveling outside the United States for more than a 30 day period, you can request a prescription override.  To request an override, download a Prescription Override Request Form or call Gallagher Student customer service at 1-800-397-4938 to have the Prescription Override Request Form emailed, faxed or mailed to you.  For more information including answers to Frequently Asked Questions, visit

What do I do if I receive a bill?

You can contact the company that sent the bill and give them your insurance information. You can also send your bill to:

        United Healthcare Student Resources
        PO BOX 809025
        Dallas, TX 75380

Retain a copy of the bill for your records.

Can I continue my coverage after the policy terminates?
Yes. Call Gallagher Student at 1 (800) 397-4938 for more information and enrollment details.

How do I find answers to insurance questions not listed in the FAQ list?
You can find more information at or by calling Gallagher Student at 1 (800) 397-4938.
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