Apply: Current FIT Students

Admission to the program is competitive. Apply early. You must apply during the academic year before you plan to attend and you must begin the program in the fall semester.

Deadline: FEBRUARY 17, 2012 for the 2012-13 academic year

Carefully read and follow the instructions below. Your application is complete only when items 1 - 4 have been submitted. Students are responsible for following up on all required documentation:

1. Online Application

The Office of International Programs will begin your application file after you complete the online application, motivational statement, and the names of two faculty references: one from your FIT major area; the other, from an FIT Liberal Arts professor.

Your motivational statement should be no longer than 200 words and explain why you want to study abroad, your academic and personal expectations, and your ability to adapt and appreciate new cultural experiences.

2. References

You are required to have two (2) faculty references; one from a professor in your major area; another, from an FIT Liberal Arts professor that you have taken a class with. These forms must be completed by your professors. You are responsible for the submission of your references.

3. DARS Audit

A most recent and "printer-friendly" DARS Audit must be delivered to the Office of International Programs, Room B119. 

Soon after the program application deadline date, you will be contacted to arrange an appointment with your department international coordinator for an interview.

During the interview, you will be told which courses will be offered in Italy and you’ll be given suggestions for courses you should take in the academic year. You will complete an Academic Advisement Sheet which plans the courses you will take in Italy. This will be kept in your study abroad file.