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What is General Education and where did it come from?
Like many state university systems around the country, the State University of New York mandates that students earning baccalaureate degrees benefit from sharing a common base of knowledge in general education. To meet this goal, SUNY requires the completion of "Student Learning Outcomes" (SLOs) in ten "Knowledge and Skill Areas" and in two "Competencies" for all first-time-matriculated, first-year students who enter college in fall 2000 or later and who will eventually enroll in baccalaureate degrees at FIT or at another SUNY college.

You can meet these requirements by taking FIT courses that SUNY has certified as meeting specific learning outcomes. Often, you'll be able to meet one of the requirements of your major along with one of the General Education SLOs by completing the same course. But to plan your education, you need to know which courses at FIT meet SUNY's certified Student Learning Outcomes. See General Education Courses Approved by SUNY.

What are the ten required Knowledge and Skill Areas and the two Competencies?
In lower division, FIT students who are considering going on to upper division will have to meet Student Learning Outcome requirements in the following Knowledge and Skill Areas: Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Western Civilization, Humanities, The Arts, and Basic Communication.

All students in upper division must complete all General Education requirements, including the three remaining Knowledge and Skill Areas: American History, Foreign Languages, and Other World (non-Western) Civilizations. Some majors may require that student fulfill the American History Requirement in lower division (see applicable major page). You need not worry about meeting the two Competencies, Critical Thinking and Information Management, since they are covered in courses throughout the FIT curriculum.

Do these baccalaureate requirements affect me? I'm an AAS student.
You need to complete the General Education requirements only if you think you may eventually decide to enter a baccalaureate program at FIT or another SUNY school. If you are a first-time-matriculated, first-year student and you think there is any chance at all that you might apply for admission to upper division, you will want to start meeting the General Education Requirements now.

Is it possible that FIT courses, in addition to those on the attached list, will be certified by SUNY as meeting Student Learning Outcomes?
SUNY certified the FIT courses on thelist as meeting specific Student Learning Outcomes. FIT and SUNY continue to add new courses to the list as they are approved.

For further information visit the General Education/Liberal Arts Advisement Center in Room C110 (click hereto visit the center's web site).

I notice that some courses are certified for more than one Student Learning Outcome? Can I use the same course to fill two SLO requirements?
No, it will count for only one. But you can choose which of the requirements you want the course to count toward.

I want to take a course that's not on this list. Can I?
It will count toward your degree if it helps to fill the requirements of your major, but it will not count toward meeting the General Education Requirements.

Does passing AP exempt me from any of these requirements?
In certain circumstances, it does. Check with your advisor or with the coordinator of the General Education/Liberal Arts Advisement Center in Room C110.

Who is responsible for making sure I meet the new guidelines?
Finally, the responsibility is yours. But your faculty advisor can help to answer the questions you have about these requirements or the coordinator of the General Education/Liberal Arts Advisement Center. If you are confused, meet with one of them as soon as possible.

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