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Major Areas

TC 311
Production Pattern Development I
2 credits; 1 Lecture and 2 LABORATORY hours per week
Prerequisite: DP 111 or FD 111, and FD 121 or PM 121, and FD 131
This course focuses on the development of production-ready patterns for woven fabrics from technical specification sketches. Students analyze the effects of body measurements, pattern shapes, and production construction techniques on garment fit, quality, and performance.

TC 312
Production Pattern Development II
2 credits; 1 Lecture and 2 LABORATORY hours per week
Prerequisite: TC 311
Students further develop skills learned in TC 311 through an emphasis on fit concepts and patterns for woven, knit, and lined garments. Students learn to recognize and apply pattern corrections that maintain garment balance, proportion, and design integrity.

TC 321
Computerized Pattern Development
2 credits; 1 Lecture and 2 COMPUTER LABORATORY hours per week
Prerequisite: DP 111 or FD 111, and FD 121 or PM 121
Students learn to develop computerized flat patterns using state-of-the-art apparel industry software. Students use and incorporate the various functions in the software menus as they create, modify, store, and plot production patterns.

TC 322
Computerized Grading, Marking, and Specs
3 credits; 1 Lecture and 4 COMPUTER LABORATORY hours per week
Prerequisite: TC 311 and TC 321
Students learn to use a state-of-the-art apparel industry grading and marking software system to grade patterns, make markers, and manage files. Course stresses the importance held by fabric properties on the development of accurate graded specs for patterns and for marker making.

TC 341
Technical Design I--Wovens
2 credits; 1 Lecture and 2 COMPUTER LABORATORY hours per week
Prerequisite: TC311 and (AR215 or FF242) and (FD241 or MG252 completed Spring 2008 or later)
This course explores in depth the technical design process for woven garments. Students utilize digital imaging, industry-specific terminology, and software to create full tech packages. Through case studies and hands-on techniques, they incorporate problem-solving methods used by technical designers in the industry.

TC 421
Computerized Pattern and Fit Corrections
2 credits; 1 Lecture and 2 COMPUTER LABORATORY hours per week
Prerequisite: TC 312, TC 322 and TC 341
Students analyze garment fittings and then make corrections to computerized patterns using the more advanced features of the pattern design system. They manage the data file information and communicate complete fit and pattern technical details.

TC 441
Technical Design II: Stretch
2 credits; 1 Lecture and 2 COMPUTER LABORATORY hours per week
Prerequisite: TC 312, TC 322 and TC 341
Using industry product data management software systems, students construct full technical design packages for stretch garments. Students explore the effects of stretch on pattern shape and fit. They identify the accuracy of finished garments and communicate the revisions necessary for various sample stages.

TC 451
Production and Technical Design
2 credits
Prerequisite: TC 322, TC 341 and MG 314
This course stresses the relationship between technical design and the apparel production cycles and manufacturing processes. Discussions center on sourcing and logistics, apparel standards, compliance and regulations, current industry issues, and business ethics and conduct.

TC 491
Technical Design Senior Project
2.5 credits; 1 Lecture and 3 LABORATORY hours per week
Prerequisite: TC 421 and TC 441
Co-requisite: IC 497
Student teams strategize on how to improve the market share for a specific product or brand. Each team develops innovative technical design solutions for various product lifecycle stages. They present their actual products and a written review/case study subject to critical industry evaluation.

Related Areas

FM 302
Merchandising for Technical Design
Students develop an understanding of apparel merchandising within the product development process to distinguish the role of a merchant and the interrelationships among technical design, merchandising, production, creative design, and sales. 2 credits

IC 493
Senior Internship
Co-Requisite: TC491 Technical Design Senior Project
For Technical Design students. Comprised of two components; worksite (minimum 12 weeks- approximately 10 hours per week) and 12 hours in the classroom component. Students learn how to gain and apply advanced levels of technical-design competencies, professional practices, and foundation skills necessary for professional advancement in the complex workplace of the 21st century. 3 credits

MG 314
Manufacturing Process Analysis
This course familiarizes students with the variety of equipment used to construct sewn products. Through hands-on use, students learn to select appropriate machinery and stitching types for various fabrications, garment categories, and end uses. 2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

TS 301
Advanced Textiles for Technical Design
Prerequisites: TS111 or TS131 or TS132 or TT171 or similar course in Textile Fundamentals
Through readings and lab work, students learn to recognize and differentiate textiles according to structure and style. Course emphasizes commercial methods and applications that enhance textile appearance and performance. Students study issues and requirements related to textile structural design, coloration, function, and expectations. 2.5 credits; 2 lecture and 1 lab hour

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