Change Management Policy

Change Management Policy

Policy Statement
The Office of Information Technology (IT) of Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT or the “College”) manages, upgrades and maintains the elements and components of the College’s computing environment including, but not limited to, all hardware, systems, associated peripheral devices and primary and secondary software applications. This Change Management Policy is necessary to identify and record all upgrades, patches, updates, revisions, modifications, additions and deletions to this complex computing environment in use at the College.

Reason For This Policy
The purpose of this policy is to establish a formal approach to technical change management and control. This policy will ensure that changes to applications and systems within the College’s electronic computing environment have their intended impact while avoiding unintended consequences. This policy specifies guidelines and processes for requesting and approving technical changes.

This policy applies to technical changes to applications, databases and infrastructures within the IT computing environment, including, but not limited to, hardware, software and data and network operating systems.

Entities Affected By This Policy
All Information Technology employees

Who Should Read This Policy
All Information Technology employees

Policy Text
All Information Technology applications and systems are managed by formal change management processes. Such processes provide a controlled and orderly method by which changes are requested, tested, approved and communicated prior to implementation and logged after deployment for audit and recordkeeping purposes.


Standard Change Management Process:
The Change Management Processes follow the following formal procedures:
1. The IT user requesting the change logs in to TechHelp Self Service to create a change control ticket. (www. or through MyFIT.
2. The IT user selects the request type of Change Control and completes all applicable fields. End user testing sign off should be included if testing has been completed. He/she then saves the request.
3. An email will be generated to the Change Control Board (CAB) set up in TechHelp and the status of ticket is automatically changed to “Pending Approval”. The ticket needs approval from the Head of the Change Control Committee
4. The ticket is reviewed by the CAB and approved or denied. An email is generated notifying the user of the decision. Upon decision an email will also automatically be sent to the change control listserv.
5. At any point in time, the IT user can log in to TechHelp Self Service and review the history of the change control ticket. Additional information, including user testing sign off can be added to the ticket through a note or an attachment.
6. For applicable change control requests, the change control item will be added to the change control agenda and discussed at the weekly change control meeting.
7. After the change is completed, the IT user will log in to TechHelp Self Service and update their ticket with a note indicating the work was completed.

Emergency Changes:
Emergency changes may require implementation with appropriate documentation to follow after the fact.

Applicability of Other Policies
This document is part of the College's cohesive suite of Technology policies. Other policies may apply to the topics covered in this document and as such the applicable policies should be reviewed as needed.

This policy will be enforced by the Office of Information Technology.

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