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Academic Affairs Directory

This directory lists selected contacts in the units reporting to the Office of the VPAA, followed by the schools in alphabetical order.
Last update: September 12, 2014

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Academic Advisement Center   Graduate Studies, School of 
Academic Affairs   
Academic Skills    History of Art
Accessories Design   Home Products Development 
Advertising & Marketing Communications   Illustration
Art & Design, School of   Illustration, Graduate Studies
Art History & Museum Professions   Interior Design
Business & Technology, School of   International Programs
Art Mrkt. Principles & Practice   International Trade & Marketing
Career and Internship Center      Jewelry Design
CET/Faculty Development   Liberal Arts, School of
Communication Design   Library
Computer Graphics   Menswear
Continuing & Professional Studies, Center of    Modern Languages & Cultures
Cosmetics & Fragrance   Online Learning & Academic Technologies
Cosmetics & Fragrance Marketing   Packaging Design
Curriculum & Instruction   Photography
Direct & Interactive Marketing   Placement Center
Educational Skills   Pre-College Programs
English & Speech   Presidential Scholars
Enterprise Center/E-Commerce   Production Management
Entrepreneurship   Professional Studies Center
Exhibition Design   Science & Math
Fabric Styling   Social Sciences
Faculty & Academic Program Support   Sustainable Interior Environments
Faculty Services   Technical Design
Fashion & Textile Studies   Textile Development & Marketing
Fashion Design - Apparel   Textile/Surface Design
Fashion Design - Art   Toy Design 
Fashion Merchandising Management   Visual Presentation
Film, Media & Performing Arts    U.S. History
Fine Arts   Writing Studio
Global Fashion Management  

Academic Affairs C-913 7-4040

Giacomo (Jack) Oliva Vice President 7-4040 
Ronald Milon  Associate Vice President  7-4049 
Gwendolyn Ferguson-Pugh Special Assistant to the Vice President 7-4046
Deborah Klesenski    Acting Assistant Dean for Curriculum 7-4045
Michele Chaisson Executive Coordinator to the Vice President 7-4047
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Faculty & Academic Program Support C-913 7-4050

Yasemin Jones

Assistant Vice President 7-4052
Carole Sanjek Assistant to the Dean  7-4053
Johanna O'Toole Administrative Associate 7-4054
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Career and Internship Center B-202 7-3000
Andrew Cronan Director  7-3004 
Linda Rivera     Administrative Associate     7-3007
Felix Rivera-Perez Resource Associate 7-3557
James Robinson Administrative Secretary 7-3549
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CET/Faculty Development 7-4060 
Elaine Maldonado Director of Faculty Development & CET 7-4062 
Jeffrey Riman  Coordinator / Instructional Designer  7-4063 
Celia Baez  Associate Coordinator 7-4064 
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Faculty Services D-220  7-5540
Esther Oliveras Coordinator 7-5546 
Terry Chan Associate Coordinator 7-5544 
Juliette Cruz Secretary III  7-5545 
Mary Di Rado  Administrative Assistant 7-5542
Susana Fernandes Secretary III  7-5543 
Sally Rodriguez Administrative Secretary 7-5547
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Online Learning & Academic Technologies B-508-1  7-4069
Tamara Cupples Executive Director 7-4070
Antonia Blatchford Coordinator of Online Learning 7-4068
Additional Divisions & Areas 

Academic Advisement Center C-402   7-3080
Tardis Johnson Assistant Dean
Penny Tomasello Executive Coordinator 7-3091
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Grants  (see listings under Graduate Studies)  
International Programs B-119 7-5380 
Deirdre Sato
Director 7-5385
Brian Walters Administrative Associate 7-5384  
Aladino Rodriguez Assistant Coordinator 7-5382 
Jesse Saba Assistant Coordinator
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Library E-502  7-4340 
NJ Bradeen
Director 7-4370
Greta Earnest Associate Director
Tabitha Hanslick-Nguyen Administrative Coordinator 7-4367
John Williams  Department Secretary 7-4365
Helen T. Lane Head of Research & Instructional Services  7-4407 
Leslie Preston Head of Acquisitions 7-4346
Janette Rozene Head of Cataloging 7-4358 
Lana Bittman Head of Electronic & Serials Resources 7-4382 
Jennifer Mak Access Services Manager (Day) 7-4363
Paul Lajoie Access Services Manager (Evening) 7-4362 
Rodel Oiga Graphics Lab Coordinator 7-5474
Karen Cannell Head of Special Collections and FIT Archive 7-4386 
Jana Duda Tech Resource Coordinator 7-4375
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Presidential Scholars B-602 7-4590 
Irene Buchman Coordinator 7-4592
Rebecca Spath Administrative Assistant  7-4593 

Art & Design  D-350 7-7665 

Joanne Arbuckle Dean 7-7665 
Sass Brown Acting Assistant Dean 7-4683
Darlene Levy-Birnbaum  Assistant to the Dean 7-7666 
Jamie Hetzel Administrative Coordinator 7-4684 
Tatum Shirley Administrative Assistant  7-4686  
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Accessories Design D-364 7-5400
Sarah Mullins    Chairperson / D-363 7-5403 
Gladys Sotomayor Department Coordinator 7-5405 
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Communication Design  D-319  7-5630
Suzanne Anoushian  Chairperson / D-319  7-5633 
Leslie Blum Assistant Chairperson / D-531  7-5636
C.J. Yeh   Assistant Chairperson / D-315  7-5676 
Joseph Petrone   Department Coordinator   7-5677 
Maia Nero  Administrative Secretary   7-5674
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Computer Graphics D-327 7-5440
Terry Blum Director / D-339 A 7-5442 
Daria Sanchez  Administrative Secretary / D-319  7-5444 
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Fabric Styling  B-521  
Sara Petitt   Coordinator   7-5189 
Debra Carroll  Department Coordinator 7-5142
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Fashion Design - Apparel B-701 7-5000
Eileen Karp Chairperson 7-5029 
Maryann Ferro Assistant Chairperson 7-5024
Nina Blumenthal Department Coordinator 7-5076
Carmela Speranza  Administrative Associate 7-5050
Lisa Donofrio-Ferrezza    Evening Coordinator 7-5021
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Fashion Design - Art     B-801  7-5280
Michael Casey Assistant Chairperson 7-5288
Karen Scheetz Asst. Chairperson Student-Related Activities / B-701 7-5034 
Madeline Orefice  Administrative Coordinator   7-5330
Christopher Uvenio Evening Coordinator 7-5292
Tanya Fleming    Administrative Secretary 7-5136
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Fine Arts    D-343 7-5860
Stephanie DeManuelle   Chairperson 7-5870 
Joel Werring Assistant Chairperson  / D323-A  7-5896
Melissa Starke Department Coordinator 7-5895 
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Illustration D-332  7-5800 
Ed Soyka Chairperson 7-5803
Kam Mak Assistant Chairperson  / D-307 7-5830 
Maria Zervos  Department Coordinator 7-5802 
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Interior Design D-316 7-5550 
Eric Daniels     Chairperson / D-310 7-5584
Carmita Sanchez Assistant Chairperson / D-310  7-5577
Shaniqua Matthews-McClam Department Coordinator 7-5573
Linda Gardner Clerical Assistant 7-5559
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Jewelry Design D-364A 7-5720
Michael Coan   Chairperson / D-303 7-5725 
Isolina Perez Department Coordinator 7-5742 
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Menswear  B-761A 7-5134
Eileen Karp Chairperson 7-5029
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Packaging Design D-331  7-5700
Marianne Klimchuk   Associate Chairperson / D-325 7-5702
Nilsa Velez  Department Secretary 7-5704
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Photography D-343A 7-5500
Ron Amato    Chairperson / D-344 7-5502
Brad Paris Assistant Chairperson / D-348 7-5522
Loyda Guerrero Department Coordinator 7-5519
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Textile/Surface Design B-521  7-5140 
Eric Ramirez Chairperson 7-5176 
Nomi Kleinman Assistant Chairperson 7-5167 
Debra Carroll  Department Coordinator  7-5142
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Toy Design A-571 7-5120
Judy Ellis Associate Chairperson 7-5122
Jordan Cook  Department/Industry Project Coordinator   7-5125 
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Visual Presentation D-346-1  7-5480 
Craig Berger  Chairperson / D-359 7-5490
Patrica Brown     Administrative Secretary    7-5804
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 Business & Technology JM B-423 7-4330

Steven Frumkin  Dean 7-4330
Karen Capone Assistant to the Dean    7-4334
Rosemarie Rossi Administrative Coordinator 7-4335 
Helen McDermott Administrative Secretary 7-4336
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 Advertising & Marketing Communication  B-403 7-4470
Richard Balestrino Chairperson  7-4472
Albert Romano Assistant Chairperson 7-4473
John Fraser Assistant Chairperson 7-4500
Gina Mackey Department Coordinator 7-4491
Stacey Fischer Administrative Secretary 7-4494
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Cosmetics & Fragrance Marketing
Virginia Bonofiglio  Acting Associate Chairperson / B-448 7-4487
Sylvia Lopez Department/Industry Coordinator
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 Direct & Interactive Marketing B-403 7-4750
Loretta Volpe Associate Chairperson 7-4487
Shalaia Craddock Administrative Secretary 7-4488
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Entrepreneurship B-436 7-4410
VACANT Acting Chairperson    7-4410
Erika Maier Administrative Secretary 7-4412
Patricia Brown Administrative Secretary  7-5804
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Fashion Merchandising Management B-320 7-4800
Robin Sackin Chairperson 7-4803
Nancy Kaplan-Ostroff Assistant Chairperson 7-4841
Naomi Gross Assistant Chairperson 7-4835
Renee Cooper Assistant Chairperson 7-4823
Debra Berry Department Coordinator 7-4802
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Home Products Development B-436 7-4980
Ingrid Johnson Associate Chairperson / B-436 7-4988
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International Trade & Marketing B-429 7-4280
Christine Pomeranz Chairperson / B-436 7-4282
Nicole Martin-Lewis Department Secretary 7-4285
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Production Management B-403 7-4770
Mario Federici Chairperson 7-4774
Maria Benitez Department Secretary 7-4773
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Technical Design B-436 7-4410
Deborah Beard Associate Chairperson 7-4415
Erika Maier Administrative Secretary     7-4412
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Textile Development & Marketing B-436    7-5200
Jeffrey Silberman Chairperson 7-5234
Ingrid Johnson Assistant Chairperson 7-5223
Maria Masella Department Coordinator 7-5230
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Continuing & Professional Studies, Center of     GHC-21 7-3334

Nathan Bullock Coordinator of Adult Credit Programs / GHC-21B 7-4602
Diana Cypress Executive Assistant 7-4603
Krystle Ansari Administrative Coordinator 7-4606
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Enterprise Center/E-Commerce D-130 7-7250
Christine Helm Coordinator 7-4622
Alice Rydel Administrative Coordinator 7-4623
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Pre-College Programs D-130 7-4630
Michele Nagel   Director 7-4632
Marta Regulski Pre-College Student Services Representative  7-4633
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Professional Studies Center D-130 7-7715
Joan Volpe Managing Coordinator / GHC-21 7-4612
Maria Montalvo Account Supervisor   7-4613
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Graduate Studies, School ofjumpmark E-315   7-4300

Mary E. Davis    Dean   7-4300
Marilyn Barton Research Associate 7-4313
Umilta Allsop Administrative Coordinator 7-4310
Carole Desantis Administrative Coordinator 7-4314
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Art Market E-613
Katherine Michaelsen Associate Chairperson / E-314 7-4661
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Cosmetics & Fragrance E-315
Stephan Kanlian Associate Chairperson /  E-613 7-4306
Dorene Kakplan Industry/Project Coordinator / E-626  7-4311
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Exhibition Design SF-108  
Brenda Cowan Associate Chairperson 7-4302
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Fashion & Textile Studies E-612
Denyse Montegut Associate Chairperson 7-4308
Tracy Daniels Industry/Project Coordinator / E-626  7-4311
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Global Fashion Management E-313
Pamela Ellsworth Associate Chairperson 7-4304
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Deborah Stein Grants Coordinator 7-3624
Ellen Brennan Hearn Research Assistant 7-3622 
Barbara Galashaw Clerical Assistant 7-3623 
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 Illustration  SF-110  
Melanie Reim Associate Chairperson 7-4318 
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Sustainable Interior Environments D-312
Barbara Campagna Chairperson 7-5574
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Liberal Arts  B-623    7-4320

Scott F. Stoddart Dean 7-4320
Mary Tsujimoto Assistant to the Dean
Everlina Washington Administrative Coordinator 7-4325
Suzanne Richardson Administrative Assistant 7-4326
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Academic Skills A-608B 7-4080
Deborah Levine Coordinator 7-4082
Elinor Pironti Evening Supervisor 7-4084
Tara Prince Department Secretary 7-4083
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Art History & Museum Professions B-634 7-4640
 Anna Blume Assistant Chairperson 7-4656
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Educational Skills B-602 7-5250
Mark Goldblatt   Chairperson 7-5258
Caterina Caristo Educational Skills Assistant 7-5256
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Placement Center C-612-C
John Chucala Testing Center Coordinator 7-4323
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English & Speech B-602 7-5340
Patrick Knisely Chairperson 7-5362
Amy Lemmon Bowen Acting Chairperson 7-5342
Evelyn Triantafillou Administrative Secretary 7-5374
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Modern Languages & Cultures B-831 7-5090
James Cascaito Chairperson 7-5092
Iliana Marquez Department Coordinator 7-5093
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Film, Media & Performing Arts 

William Mooney Chairperson 7-5346
Michelle Handelmann Assistant Chairperson 7-3352
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History of Art B-634 7-4640
David Drogin Chairperson 7-4649
Anna Blume Assistant Chairperson 7-4646
Carmen Valerio Department Coordinator 7-4669
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Science & Math B-831 7-3020
Calvin Williamson Chairperson 7-3046
Karen Pearson Assistant Chairperson 7-3035
Clementine Sanders Department Secretary 7-3038
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Social Sciences B-634 7-4920
Paul Clement Chairperson 7-4925
Daniel Berkendorf Acting Assistant Chairperson 7-4922
Rosa Maria Smith Department Coordinator 7-4935
Hadasah Perez Administrative Secretary 7-4973
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U.S. History   B-634 7-4327
Daniel Levinson Wilk    Coordinator 7-4327
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Writing Studio C-612 7-3060
 Brian Fallon Director 7-3062
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