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Working Group 4: Student Admissions and Support Services

Standard 8: Student Admissions and Retention
The institution seeks to admit students whose interests, goals, and abilities are congruent with its mission and seeks to retain them through the pursuit of the studentsí educational goals.

Fundamental Elements of Student Admissions
An accredited institution is expected to possess or demonstrate the following attributes or activities:

  • admissions policies, developed and implemented, that support and reflect the mission of the institution;
  • admissions policies and criteria available to assist the prospective student in making informed decisions;
  • programs and services to ensure that admitted students who marginally meet or do not meet the institutionís qualifications achieve expected learning goals and higher education outcomes at appropriate points;
  • accurate and comprehensive information regarding academic programs, including any required placement or diagnostic testing;
  • statements of expected student learning outcomes and information on institution-wide assessment results, as appropriate to the program offered, available to prospective students;
  • accurate and comprehensive information, and advice where appropriate, regarding financial aid, scholarships, grants, loans, and refunds;
  • published and implemented policies and procedures regarding transfer credit and credit for extra-institutional college level learning; and
  • ongoing assessment of student success, including but not necessarily limited to retention, that evaluates the match between the attributes of admitted students and the institutionís mission and programs, and reflects its findings in its admissions, remediation, and other related policies.

Standard 9: Student Support Services
The institution provides student support services reasonably necessary to enable each student to achieve the institutionís goals for students.

Fundamental Elements of Student Support Services
An accredited institution is expected to possess or demonstrate the following attributes or activities:

  • a program of student support services appropriate to student strengths and needs, reflective of institutional mission, consistent with student learning expectations, and available regardless of place or method of delivery;
  • qualified professionals to supervise and provide the student support services and programs;
  • procedures to address the varied spectrum of student academic and other needs, in a manner that is equitable, supportive, and sensitive, through direct service or referral;
  • appropriate student advisement procedures and processes;
  • if offered, athletic programs that are regulated by the same academic, fiscal, and administrative principles, norms, and procedures that govern other institutional programs;
  • reasonable procedures, widely disseminated, for equitably addressing student complaints or grievances;
  • records of student complaints or grievances;
  • policies and procedures, developed and implemented, for safe and secure maintenance of student records ;
  • published and implemented policies for the release of student information; and
  • ongoing assessment of student support services and the utilization of assessment results for improvement.
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