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Accessing the GFX100


Q: Can I get my money back?
A: Generally no because of the payment system's accessibility issues. However, in extenuating instances, consideration for a refund will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Can I owe PrintFX payment?
A: No. Payment due at time of pickup. Students with unpaid jobs left at PrintFX for 4 weeks or longer will have a hold placed on their account.

Q: I don't want to drop off my files using a usb. Does PrintFX have a dropbox?

A: Yes. Our dropbox (GFX100) is accessible from any computer on campus. Simply place your files into a folder labeled with your name & drag it into the GFX100. To access it, please follow these directions:


PC: From desktop, click on icon that reads “Connect to class share”. When it opens, type GFX100  & click ok. Click on the icon that reads “Class Drop T” & GFX100 will open. Create a folder with your first & last name and place your files inside it. Drag this folder into the GFX100.


MAC: Click anywhere on the desktop. On the top file menu, click “Go”. Click on “Connect to Server” and type: smb://fs-c108-02/gfx100 in the address field. Click “Connect” & the GFX100 window will appear. Create a folder on the desktop labeled with your name & place your files inside. If you previously created a folder on the GFX100 under the same name, add a number to your new named folder (ex: JaneDoe2). Drag this folder into the GFX100. Be certain that you don’t put it into someone else’s folder.

Full Service area:

Q:What is the quality of printing in this area?
A: It ranges from budget to portfolio quality.

Q: If my prints print poorly, do I still have to pay?

A: If it's our fault, no. If it's your fault, yes.

Q: If my fabric prints have some minor flaws, will PrintFX reprint it at no charge?
Our fabric is intended for sampling purposes only. Due to the nature of fabric printing, please be aware that inevitable minor flaws and inconsistencies may occur in your prints. Photo and examples of these flaws are available by request to help in your decision of whether to proceed with printing. By checking a box on our order form, you are accepting that PrintFX will not reprint for minor flaws.

Q: Why are my printout colors different from the screen? or another printer?

A: Color calibration varies from screen to screen and printer to printer. We cannot guarantee the colors you see on your screen will match the prints from our printers. Please softproof using our color calibrated monitors when printing inkjet sheets, inkjet posters or specialty media. This will give you a close, not exact, idea of how your prints will look when printed on our paper and printers.

Q: When submitting online, will I get my job back quicker than if I dropped it off at the service desk?
A: No. Neither have priority over the other. Overnight jobs are treated as 9am next day jobs. Rush is not an available option when submitting online unless you notify PrintFX staff by calling or stopping by the service desk in Pomerantz D529A.

Q: What file formats does PrintFX accept?
A: PDF, PSD, AI, TIFF, JPEG, EPS. When exporting PDFs, use the [PDF/X-1a:2001] preset. Under 'Advanced', be sure to use [High Resolution] Transparency Flattener. Then proof it in Photoshop.

Q: Can I use sRGB?
A: You can use whatever you want but if you want to get the closest color match, use Adobe RGB 1998.

Q: What is the minimum inkjet roll print length?

A: Our printers will print a 6" minimum.

Q: Why doesn't PrintFX use CMYK?

A: CMYK is for offset printing. We use RGB because it has a wider color gamut.

Q: How do I pay for prints?
A:  PrintFX will only accept funds that are added to online accounts as payment. There are two ways to add these funds. The first option is to use your FIT Campus Card at the PHil stations located on the 5th floor of the Goodman Resource Center Library & Feldman Center, CC15. These PHil stations accept $1, $5, $10, $20 bills and coins are not accepted. The second option is using the campus card online portal, accessible by any workstation on or off campus. Enter by logging into "MyFIT", click on the "Announcements & Web Resources" tab, go to the "FIT Campus Card" link and follow the easy screen prompts. Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express are accepted.

Q: How do I submit a job?

A: All jobs may be submitted via PrintFX's service desk located in Pomerantz, D529A.  Online orders may be submitted via FIT's Gmail accounts. If departmental funds are being used, online ordering is not an option--please use our service desk.

Q: Do you accept AutoCAD, U4IA, MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint, Adobe Indesign files?
A: No, please convert to pdf format and proof in Photoshop to be sure your file is correct. When exporting PDFs, use the [PDF/X-1a:2001] preset. Under 'Advanced', be sure to use [High Resolution] Transparency Flattener.

Q: What are trim marks and when do I need them?

A: Small marks that appear on the outside four corners of your document which you can either add yourself by drawing them in or you can select this option on our order form. They are beneficial if you need to cut out your image from a larger sheet of paper, especially if the white of your image is indistinguishable from the white of the paper it was printed on.

Q: Can the PrintFX staff trim my work for me?
A: No. Please use our paper or board trimmers.

Q: Can I get it printed right away?

A: No. but we have several options.

Q: Can I use my own fonts?
A: PrintFX supports the FIT font library so if you want us to use yours, please outline them if using Illustrator.

Q: Does PrintFX resize my document for printing?

A: No. Give us files that are sized & ready for printing. We will only resize it to fit the page size that you designate as indicated on our order form.

Q: Can PrintFX print on paper that I bring in?
A: No. Our papers, fabric, etc. are specific for our printers

Q: What is the max. sized original flat art I can submit for large format scanning & what type of originals are acceptable?
A: Max. size is 36x90". We accept regular weight paper only free of raised areas, wet paint, glue or tape. No fabric, boards or tracing paper.

Self Service area:

Q: What's the largest size I can scan?
A: 12"x17". If your artwork is larger & flexible we can scan it for you in the Full Service Area.

For more information, please download More FAQs. This 15 page guide requires Adobe Reader.



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