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Middle School Fall Precollege Workshop Course Listings and Times

Middle School Fall Workshops are designed for students in grades 7, 8 or 9 as of Fall 2015.


    • Wednesday, August 26th - Saturday, November 7, 2015

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      COST (MS Workshop): 

      • One course is $136*
      • Two courses are $257*
        *Includes one nonrefundable $15 registration fee and a $15 materials fee per class.

      DATES and TIMES:

      Classes meet on Saturdays: November 14, 21, December 2, 12, 2015
      Students may purchase one or two classes  (students attend the same class every Saturday)
      AM classes meet 9:30 to 12:30     PM classes meet 1:30 to 4:30

      Instructor Contact List

      Supply List

      *Please note: instructor assignments are subject to change

      JSX 006: Basic Digital Photography: Portraits

      Learn the basic techniques for making good photographs with a focus on portraits.  You will learn camera use, composition, exposure, basic lighting, camera care, and editing of digital files. Gallery

      CRN: 28876     Section 55A       9:30-12:30      Caitlyn McCabe/ Pomerantz Center D405     Supply List  REGISTER


      JSX 007: Basic Digital Photography: Environments
      Learn the basic techniques for making good photographs with a focus on environments.  You will learn camera use and care, composition, exposure, types of lighting (natural vs. artificial), and basic lighting, camera care, and editing of digital files.
      CRN: 28507     Section 55A       1:30-4:30           Caitlyn McCabe/ Pomerantz Center D405     Supply List   REGISTER

      JSX 011: Fashion Art: Silhouettes
      Learn a wide variety of garment silhouettes (sleeves, skirts, necklines, pants, etc.) as you draw on fashion figures provided by the instructor. You'll then mix and match these womenswear silhouettes to create your own designs. Experienced students may also use their own fashion figures.
      CRN: 28499     Section 55A      9:30-12:30            Janice Giardina/ Pomerantz Center D503      Supply List   REGISTER

      JSX 012: Fashion Art: Rendering Fabrics
      How do you draw wool so it looks like wool? What womenswear techniques are used to make a fabric look like taffeta, silk, lace, or whatever? In this course  you'll focus on illustrating the perfect fabrics for your designs.
      CRN: 28877     Section 55A     1:30-4:30          Janice Giardina/ Feldman Center C713      Supply List   REGISTER

      JSX 013: Fashion Art: Faces and Figures
      Female fashion figures (called croquis) are unique to each designer. In this class you'll learn how to develop your very own fashion figures, complete with facial details to convey the right attitude for your designs. You will finally design a line of croquis wearing your original designs.  Gallery
      CRN: 28501     Section 55A      9:30-12:30            Ruobing Zhao / Feldman Center C705       Supply List   REGISTER

      JSX 014: Fashion Art: Junior Fashion Trends
      What is the difference between “Women's” and “Junior's” fashions? LOTS! Fit, fabric, shape and attitude all come into play when designing for the female junior market. Learn how to design for a current youth market and incorporate the latest trends.
      CRN: 28502     Section 55A      1:30-4:30          Wildajean Gardner / Feldman Center C711  Supply List    REGISTER

      JSX 015: Fashion Art: Finding Inspiration
      Where do designers come up with their next great idea? Museums, galleries, stores, architecture, food, songs, history, the list is endless! You’ll learn how to translate just about anything you like into womenswear fashion inspiration.
      CRN: 29480     Section 55A      9:30-12:30            TBA/ TBA   Supply List   REGISTER

      JSX 019: Fashion History: Trends Through the Decades
      Students are introduced to Western fashion from the 20th century to the present day. This workshop discusses the relationship of events, key fashion designers, and movements that affect fashion. As you will learn, fashion tends to repeat itself. Fashion also seems to reflect what’s going on in society at that particular time. Learn how fashion is a reflection of trends in art, music, and technology  and compare the silhouettes and distinctive qualities of fashion periods throughout history. You will get to research and create a mood board representing the historical time period that inspires you. You will learn about what people wore along with who or what influenced fashion and style during that time.
      CRN: 29010     Section 55A     9:30-12:30         Trina Morris/ Business & Liberal Arts Center B304       Supply List    REGISTER

      JSX 025- Let's Create Comix
      Focus on the basic building blocks of comic book storytelling: story, character design and page layout. Students will create written scenes, (or one will be provided for you) and go from thumbnails and character sketches to a penciled layout of a page, reviewing and critiquing the steps as they go along.  Students will explore the use of photo reference as a means of making fantasies look real. The class will discuss the student's creative ambitions and the importance of reading as a stimulant in the creative process. Gallery
      CRN: 28508     Section 55A     1:30-4:30           Jim Webb/ Pomerantz Center D514       Supply List    REGISTER
      JSX 031: Basic Drawing Skills
      This course will introduce you to general drawing principles and techniques. Observational drawing is introduced with a focus on line, contour, shading, composition and perspective.
      CRN: 28878     Section 55A      1:30-4:30         Britta Siddell/ Pomerantz Center D625      Supply List   REGISTER
      JSX 035: Color Theory and Application
      This course focuses on color-wheel mixing, color temperature, use of warm and cool colors, complimentary colors, and color painting. Students then use this information to create a number of compositions. Emphasis is placed on working abstractly and use of texture and collaging to create final products.  Gallery
      CRN: 28879     Section 55A     1:30-4:30           TBA/ Pomerantz Center D506       Supply List    REGISTER

      JSX 036: Life Drawing for Middle School
      If you’re looking at art high schools, you know that many of them want to see a portfolio with samples of life drawings, observational drawings or a portrait. We’ll, we’ve got you covered! In this course you’ll work from live, clothed models and learn how to draw what you see. Don’t worry, we make the techniques easy and fun to learn. You’ll focus on line, proportion, gesture and composition, and if you don’t know what that means, we’ll teach you that too! Perfect class for beginning artists. Gallery
      CRN: 28103      Section 55A      9:30-12:30     Britta Siddell/ Pomerantz Center D614         Supply List   REGISTER

      JSX 037 Middle School Sculpture
      This course introduces you to figurative and abstract sculpture focusing on proportion and composition. You’ll be introduced to a variety of tools and techniques as you work with both clay and found objects.
      CRN: 29481      Section 55A      9:30-12:30       Maria Tamara/ TBA      Supply List   REGISTER

      JSX 038 Multiple Media Workshop
      Learn how to use a variety of media towards developing your own artistic vision. Drawing with watercolor crayons, painting with acrylics, collage, mask making, and assemblage are all methods explored in this class.
      CRN: 29482      Section 55A      1:30-4:30         Maria Tamara/ TBA      Supply List     REGISTER

      JSX 040: Fashion Merchandising Trend-Spotting
      Did you ever wonder how certain items become key fashion trends? During this class you will learn how fashion experts forecast upcoming trends. Students will photograph store windows that represent the upcoming womenswear season and learn how this information helps develop private labels for future seasons. You will also learn about major trend services which help forecast key colors, prints, fabrics, details, key items and accessories.  After these few weeks you'll be thinking about all the exciting career opportunities that are available in the fashion industry!
      CRN: 28880      Section 55A      9:30-12:30           Stephen Cucci/ Business & Liberal Arts Center B734       Supply List    REGISTER
      CRN: 28881      Section 55B      1:30-4:30             Trina Morris/ Business & Liberal Arts Center B734         Supply List   REGISTER

      JSX 045: Careers in Fashion Styling
      Fashion Styling is a hot career right now, but what exactly does a Stylist do and what are the career options for someone who is passionate about fashion? Students will learn about personal styling, celebrity styling, and commercial and editorial styling as well as the skills needed to succeed in each area.  Learn how to shop and prep merchandise; style using color, shape and proportion; identify fashion trends and resources; and develop a personal aesthetic. Students will create individual and group projects throughout this workshop.
      CRN: 29483      Section 55A      9:30-12:30       Darryl Glover/ TBA         Supply List    REGISTER
      JSX 050: The Fashion Cycle
      This class will teach you the steps need to make your ‘FASHION RUNWAY’ dreams a reality.  Learn how your womenswear designs travel through the fashion design process; how to translate inspiration into sketches and mood/design boards; why one fabric is better than another; what happens in the pattern room; how the factory works; what it takes to produce a runway show; and finally, how your designs end up in a store! After this class you will know how a real designer puts a line together and have a road map for your future. Gallery
      CRN: 27109      Section 55A      9:30-12:30         Donna Berger/ C-502        Supply List   REGISTER
      CRN: 29000      Section 55B      1:30-4:30          Donna Berger/ C-502        Supply List    REGISTER

      JSX 060: Fashions on the Red Carpet
      Do you love to watch Red Carpet events?!? Hot new trends along with the most fashion forward celebrities are bringing it to the red carpet with bold prints, stunning florals, and captivating patterns. In this workshop, you will design a womenswear look for your favorite celebrity and totally re-work one of their red carpet looks. Working with pencil and colored pencils, you will learn techniques to design patterns and create realistic prints to turn a solid gown into something that will wow the fashion critics and make ‘your celebrity’ top on the best dressed list! Gallery
      CRN: 28529      Section 55A       9:30-12:30        Donna Berger/ Pomerantz Center D513        Supply List     REGISTER

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