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High School Precollege Workshop Course Descriptions

HSX 005: Creating an E-Portfolio
Many colleges, including FIT, are giving admissions' applicants the option to submit their portfolios digitally. These "e-portfolios" are the new way to show artwork for both school and career. In this workshop, students will learn how to photograph, scan, size, name and color-correct their own pieces so they look professional. Please bring your best artwork to the first session so you may begin creating digital files on the first day.
No camera required.

HSX 010: Beaded and Wire-wrapped Jewelry Design
You'll spend four days creating amazing pieces of beaded jewelry, all the rage right now! Accessorize your outfits by designing your own earrings, charm bracelets, beaded rings and necklaces. Create coordinating sets or mix and match individual pieces.  You'll learn a variety of techniques while having fun. Leave with as many pieces of jewelry as you can make! Gallery

HSX 020: Caricatures
Give your portraits personality as you learn to create caricatures that communicate the unique characteristics of every human face. You'll see how facial features shape character; examine the use of props and positioning; explore the use of line, composition, and graphics; and bring your drawings to life with vibrant inks and markers. Gallery

HSX 021: Observational Drawing for Portfolios
The most important skill any artist can have is that of observational drawing. The ability to see three-dimensional objects and translate them into two-dimensional drawings takes practice, patience and good technique. In this class, students learn how to look at objects in a new way so they may create pencil sketches, contour drawings and simple perspective renderings to satisfy a variety of art and design portfolio requirements. Students will work from still life and various objects that satisfy their individual portfolio needs. (Perfect for students applying to Accessories Design, Communication Design, Fine Arts, Illustration, Interior Design, and Textile/Surface Design)

HSX 022: Portraits for Portfolios
Throughout history, the portrait has been a main focus of many great artists. The portrait provides a large amount of information about a person in addition to what the subject looks like. This important skill is required in many college portfolios and can be learned in just four sessions. At the end of this workshop, students will have an expressive self-portrait using traditional and experimental drawing materials.

HSX 023: Painterly Prints:  Monotypes, a Quick Study
Include creative, expressive, hand-made prints in your college portfolio. Monotypes allow you to achieve an exciting spontaneity between painting, drawing, and printmaking through a process that is easy to learn and yields a large volume of work. Students will work from sketches or photos using non-toxic mediums including crayons, ink, watercolor, and handmade papers to achieve fresh, immediate results in color and black and white. Famous artists like Henri Matisse, Edgar Degas, Helen Frankenthaler, and Jim Dine have used this technique.
The instructor will demonstrate techniques from basic to advanced, according to the needs of individual students.  By the end of the course, students will have created a series of finished prints suitable for framing, portfolios, and many other uses.  Students and artists of all levels are welcome.

HSX 024: Printmaking Studio
Students will be introduced to one of the basic printmaking techniques ?relief. Students will create lino cuts, photo transfers using Citrosolv and utilize stenciling/silhouettes that will lead to a complete portfolio of mono-prints.

HSX 025: Watercolor Workshop
Students work from direct observation of still lifes and, weather permitting, local city scenes from the neighborhood surrounding FIT.  The course familiarizes students with all the essentials of watercolor, including selection of brushes and papers; stretching watercolor paper; flat and granulated washes; dry brush; basic color theory as applied to transparent mediums; use of a simplified palette; masking; and corrections and erasures (sgraffito). Gallery

HSX 060: Mannequin Madness
Spend four days learning lots of "tricks-of-the-trade" and behind-the-scenes fun in the visual merchandising industry.  You'll create fun and fantastic displays using mannequins, props and backdrops. You'll also learn how to apply these techniques to retail situations and learn the tricks used in many of your favorite stores. Gallery

HSX 065: Props, Materials, and Methods
This workshop explores the unique materials used in prop making, theater, and displays. Students learn by experimenting in foam, thermoplastics and plaster-craft mold-making. Faux finishes including gold/silver leafing will also be covered. Safety and correct applications of material will be emphasized. Gallery

HSX 067: Fashionable Affairs: Events Made Easy
Do you love parties? Do you love design?  Whether you’re a socialite or a budding event planner, this course will teach you everything you need to know about the basics of planning and designing a memorable party.  Fun, collaborative, and interactive – you’ll design tabletops, centerpieces, mood boards, and more.  Make your next event unique, stylish and unforgettable using china, glassware, linens, and décor in creative ways. .  Learn the ins and outs of event design from an industry pro. 

HSX 080: Character Creation
Have you ever wanted to create and develop your own characters? Through lectures, demonstrations and some fun assignments, this course will help you to bring your characters to life! Character design, facial expressions and figure poses, turnaround drawings and model sheets—these drawing and writing skills will be applicable to various artistic fields such as animation, comic strips, comic books, game design, toy design, fashion art, etc. Gallery

HSX 085: Fashion Design Journal
Learn how to create a journal of fashion ideas and inspirations to capture ideas as they come to you, no matter where you are! You’ll learn how to organize your visual inspirations, fabric swatches and trim, and then sketch fashion designs on basic croquis. Students will work on an assigned theme and season covering concepts for womenswear, menswear and accessories. You’ll create the ultimate fashion sketchbook: no previous art skills or design background necessary!

HSX 090: Fashion Design Using Global Inspirations
In just four sessions you will create a group of fashion designs that reflect your or another ethnic cultural detail. Learn how to develop a design idea and create a small coordinate group using your original inspiration. Design a group of garments on fashion figures that you would wear everyday, to a special event or to a club. Learn the techniques of drawing a fashion figure, work with markers, and color your designs to matching fabric swatches. Gallery

HSX 093 55A Photoshop for Fashion Designers
Learn how Adobe Photoshop can turn your sketches into professional, portfolio-ready presentations. Use Adobe Photoshop's digital tools, techniques, and filters to enhance your work and create virtual backgrounds for your drawings. View your original designs in a variety of solids, plaids and prints you design yourself. Bring your black and white or color original fashion sketches to the first class.

HSX 095: Costume and Couture Rendering
Lots of Sequins. Feathers. Fur. Velvet. Taffeta. Plaid. And the list goes on...Learn how to design and render many fabrics and understand how fabrication on design comes to life. Students will learn the techniques of applying shadows and shadings and learn to render and understand costume and the characteristics of various of fabrics. Look to Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood as some of your inspirations. Gallery

HSX 100: The Art of Hand-Beading
Learn the art of hand beading. The skills learned in this class will enable you to embellish and add pizzazz to your clothing and accessories. Jeans, t-shirts, your favorite skirt or accessory, almost anything can be embellished with beadwork to give it that extra something special!  In four fun filled days, you will be amazed at how you can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Your very own one of a kind creation! Gallery

HSX 103: Leather Sewing Intensive
Students will learn how to sew leather on industrial sewing machines. Learn how to apply zippers, machine-applied decorative finishing techniques, and much, much more! At the end of this fun and creative workshop, students will have designed and constructed a zippered case. If time permits, students can go on to additional projects such as a leather belt and other small leather accessories. This leather sewing workshop compliments coursework completed in other Precollege Accessories classes, or is great as a stand-alone beginner course for the curious or hobbyist.
HSX 104 Hang on to Your Hat! 
Hats are hot, and now they’re everywhere! Musicians and celebrities know the power of the hat. From royal weddings to award shows, hats are stealing the spotlight! In this class you’ll learn how to make a 1920's style cloche or fedora hat that perfectly fits you by using the exciting art of ‘Freeform Blocking’. Using steam and your fingers, manipulate a pre-formed woven straw cone on a standard wooden hat form, hand-stitch it, and then trim the hat with your own handmade flowers, cockades or bows from ribbon. All hand-stitching: no sewing machine knowledge required.

 HSX 105: One Pattern...Five Projects
Students will learn how to create form, using the concept of the dart, by making one pattern to produce up to five projects.  Innovative methods of assembly will be taught and used.  Products can include a neck corset, shaped hip belt, hat with sideband and brim, a lampshade or original 3D art.  No limit to imagination! Push the envelope as far as you dare and spice up your art and design portfolio for college!

HSX 110: Photography Portrait Workshop
Develop the technical skills and the photographic strategy needed to create dynamic portraits. You will use a variety of lighting equipment, including tungsten [hot lights], on-camera electronic flash and strobe lights in a studio environment and will create portrait images in an outdoor location. The use and control of lighting techniques, white balance and color mixing to enhance a portrait will help you understand how to see and utilize the natural shape of facial features and character of models. Students may bring their own a digital SLR camera or borrow one from the school. Gallery

HSX 115: Everything Old is New Again
Are you inspired by the Deco-inspired prints of the 20”s, overblown florals of the 30’s, nautical designs of the 40’s, atomic and boomerang patterns of the 50’ or "flower power" and psychedelic designs of the 60’s and 70’s? Create original textile designs for fabric for apparel, home furnishings or bedding from vintage textile prints. Students will visit the textile collection in the FIT Library for additional inspiration. Gallery

HSX 120: The Fabulous World of Fashion Forecasting!
What will consumers be wearing next year? What will be the hot new fashion styles and next season's "must haves"?
Welcome to the exciting and ever-changing role of Fashion Forecasting! Learn the importance of fashion forecasting as research in designing and developing products from textiles, ready-to-wear, accessories, retail. Projects will include producing creative fashion forecasting presentations: seasonal color cards, silhouette/fabric trend boards, and multi-media presentations. We will also focus on the diversified career opportunities of fashion forecasting within the fashion industry. 

HSX 121: Passion for Fashion Styling
Do you wonder what it takes to be a successful Fashion Stylist? Is it like what you see on TV? You're in luck! The answers to those questions and many more will be explored in this workshop. Working stylists will discuss the different areas of styling from fashion shoots to home fashion shoots. You will discover the various educational paths that can be taken to achieve your dream job. Learn fashion trends, resources and savvy business skills needed to be at the top of your game. Students will create  individual and group projects during this workshop.

HSX 122: The Secret of Private Branding for Retailers
You’ve seen the labels before: INC. (Macy’s), Exhilaration (Target), Allen Schwartz (ABS for JC PENNEY), BDG (Urban Outfitter's), CO-OP (Barneys) but who are the designers? Where do these garments come from? Retailers are turning to the garment manufacturers and designers for their own special products. Using trade publications, trend forecasting, display concepts, and e-commerce as your tools, you will explore and develop branding strategies and a product line for a retailer that takes into consideration the target market, current trends and of course, the competition! You will create presentation boards to illustrate your solutions to the challenges assigned.

HSX 123: A Week in the Life of a Merchant
Spend a week learning who merchandisers are and what they do. You will work together in teams to understand the most important concepts of this industry. You will "shop the stores,” visit fashion companies and museums, and see who is wearing what on the streets. Class projects and field trips will help you develop and idea of a merchandiser's role in today's global fashion world.

HSX 124: Personal Branding and Self-Promotion
Making a name for yourself in the fashion industry is practically impossible if you don’t have the right skills and strategies. Learn how to use media, track current trends and “dress the part” to get the attention of the right people. You’ll learn to discover what fashion careers are best suited for you and why as well as how to deliver your perfect “elevator speech”. But most importantly, true “style” comes from the inside, so we’ll teach you how to define yourself, your personality, your skills, and how to create the brand called YOU!

Instructor’s comments: A great class for building students’ self-esteem and preparing them for upcoming college and career interviews. Students will be taught how to convince others that they are the best choice using more than just words.

HSX 125: Fashion Trends: Accessories
Do you ever wonder why certain accessories become the “must-have” item of the season or why a certain type of shoe heel or handbag shape is trending each season?  In this class you will learn about the different types of accessories, where trends start in the world, and how to translate them into accessory designs. Students will learn how to spot a knock-off, how to differentiate between high-end and mid-tier and how trends/colors/accessories are influenced by celebrities, movies and television, causing the “trickle-down” effect. Perfect class for students interested in fashion merchandising management or accessories design!

HSX 130: The Practice of Public Relations: Fashion Industry Focus
Learn how innovative and enduring public relations campaigns appeal to the minds of those who matter most when promoting fashion and luxury goods. You'll discover how the business of Public Relations has evolved to promote an organization’s overall mission, how to detect what is actually newsworthy and inventive for the industry, and how to construct creative news angles, messages and relationship building tactics. You'll be taught the importance of conceptualizing and producing clever and memorable special events that support the PR function and ultimately sell merchandise.

HSX 131 Public Relations for Fashion: The Industry in Action
This workshop is for the student interested in gaining insights into the critical roles & responsibilities the fashion, beauty or luxury goods PR professional must assume during their career. Through classroom lectures and case study analyses, students will be exposed to the art of the profession and industry best practices. Students will learn the essence of press release writing and compelling pitch letter construction. Creating and delivering professional and persuasive presentations will also be addressed. They will learn the difference between  the major media outlets when it comes to telling stories/pitching products, personalities, services and events. Students will have the opportunity to examine the profession through industry experts’ eyes during guest lectures and interactive classroom sessions. Students will also benefit from an industry site visit* to obtain a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the business and the PR professional at work. Under careful guidance, students will develop an authentic PR campaign including pitching diverse media outlets and measuring results. Whether you're considering a full-fledge career in public relations, or just want to gain an understanding of how to market yourself, your product, or service, this workshop is not to be missed.

*Details about specific visits, guest speakers and showrooms will be provided on the first day of class and are subject to change each semester based on availability.

HSX 132: Advocacy U
Community service has become an unofficial requirement to gain admittance into most colleges.  In this workshop you will learn how to take volunteerism to the next level and stand out amongst your peers.  Students select their favorite cause or charity and learn how to build a successful awareness and fundraising campaign.  Each session will focus on the key aspects of professional nonprofit work, including developing and executing marketing/communications plans, grassroots fundraising, event planning, and forging community and corporate partnerships.  Upon completion of this workshop, you will be armed with the tools of an all-star advocate and ready to rally support for your chosen cause.

HSX 133: Fashion Journalism
As we become a more content-driven society, there is greater demand for well-developed editorial.  Through four interactive sessions, students will discover the many facets of journalism in fashion and related fields, and the extensive career opportunities affiliated with it.  An understanding of editorial and written content will be developed through various projects involving conducting interviews, newsgathering, and concept development.  Students will hone their journalism skills by writing and editing fashion news and feature stories.  Basic knowledge of copyediting, headline-writing, captions and journalism etiquette will be covered.
Past trips include destinations such as The New York Times.

HSX 141 Global Fashion Business Workshop
Are you interested in learning about your future International Fashion Career opportunities?  Do you want to understand how Fashion companies successfully market their products to customers around the world?  Do you want to know the “DOs and Don’ts” when traveling to foreign countries and communicating with their citizens?  Have you ever wondered why so many global companies and consumers are “Going Green”? If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, join us!  Sign up for our Global Fashion Business Workshop, which will help you uncover these topics through fun and exciting projects and class discussions on International Career opportunities, Global Fashion Marketing, Global Business Communications and International Sustainability!

Please note that field trips are not part of this workshop.  This workshop is designed as an in-class workshop and students will be learning through a series of lectures, videos, guest speakers and group projects.



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